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Great Britain
Civil Surface progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! The Civil Surface is Egg’s third and final album. It was released in 1974. The band had broken up in 1972, not before performing some new material during their last concerts. The new songs were very well received by the audience, so the trio decided to re-unite to record these songs. The album features guest musicians such as Steve Hillage and Lindsay Cooper.

Dave Stewart - organ, piano, bass (6)
Mont Campbell - bass, vocals, French horn, piano
Clive Brooks – drums

Steve Hillage – guitar (5)
Lindsay Cooper – bassoon, oboe (1,6)
Tim Hodgkinson – clarinet (1,6)
Amanda Parsons – vocals (4)
Ann Rosenthal – vocals (4)
Barbara Gaskin – vocals (4)

Wind Quartets performed by
Mont Campbell – French horn
Maurice Cambridge – clarinet
Stephen Solloway – flute
Chris Palmer – bassoon

1.Germ Patrol
2.Wind Quartet 1
5.Wring Out the Ground (Loosely Now)
7.Wind Quartet 2
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ECLEC 2003 CD 1974   17.00
The Polite Force progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! The Polite Force is the second album of British band Egg. It is often regarded as the band’s best work, being a much more serious effort than their debut album. The music is a fine example of early English progressive rock, bearing many similarities to Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Although the music of Egg does have occasional singing, it is mostly instrumental and as such relies on tight ensemble playing and interesting thematic and melodic material with extended chordal harmonies and irregular time signatures.

Dave Stewart - organ, piano, tone generator
Mont Campbell - bass, vocals
Clive Brooks – drums

Henry Lowther - trumpet (2)
Mike Davis - trumpet (2)
Bob Downes - tenor sax (2)
Tony Roberts - tenor sax (2)

1.A Visit To Newport Hospital
4.Long Piece No. 3 - Part One
5.Long Piece NO. 3 - Part Two
6.Long Piece NO. 3 - Part Three
7.Long Piece No. 3 - Part Four
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ECLEC 2036 CD 1971   17.00
Egg progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! This now legendary debut album by Egg featured the talents of Dave Stewart on Keyboards, Mont Campbell on Bass and Clive Brooks on Drums. Egg were associated with the so-called 'Canterbury' style of rock music pioneered by artists such as Caravan and Soft Machine. The trio produced music of startling originality and energy, drawing on influences ranging from rock to jazz to psychedelia to classical. This fusion resulted in one of the most enduring releases to appear on Decca's short lived Nova imprint and is now critically regarded as one of the more unique albums of the early 1970's. Re-mastered from the original tapes, the reissue includes three bonus tracks, including both sides of the bands only single and 'Movement 3' from the albums notorious opus 'Symphony No. 2', now restored in its rightful place in this extended composition.

2.While Growing My Hair
3.I Will Be Absorbed
4.Fugue In D Minor
5.They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano
6.The Song Of Mcguillicudie The Pusillanimous....
8.Symphony Number Two - Movement I-IV.
bonus tracks
1.Seven Is A Jolly Good Time
2.You Are All Princes
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ECLEC 2035 CD 1970   17.00