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Hatfield and the North
Great Britain
Rotters Club progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Recorded for Virgin Records in 1974, The Rotters Club was the second album by the band comprising former Caravan member Richard Sinclair, keyboard player Dave Stewart, guitarist Phil Miller and drummer Pip Pyle. Regarded as one of the finest albums in the Canterbury genre, the album also featured guest appearances by such luminaries as Jimmy Hastings and Mont Campbell. This Esoteric Recordings reissue adds material included on the 1980 compilation Afters and on the Over the Rainbow live album from 1975. The re-mastered reissue also includes a booklet featuring restored artwork and notes by Sid Smith.

- Phil Miller / guitars
- Pip Pyle / drums, percussion
- Richard Sinclair / bass, vocals, guitar (7)
- Dave Stewart / organ, electric piano tone generator
- Mont Campbell / French horn
- Lindsay Cooper / oboe, bassoon
- Barbara Gaskin / backing vocals
- Jimmy Hastings / flute, soprano & tenor saxophones
- Tim Hodgkinson / clarinet
- Amanda Parsons / backing vocals
- Ann Rosenthal / backing vocals

1.Share It
2.Lounging There Trying
3.(Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology On The Jaw
4.Chaos At The Greasy Spoon
5.The Yes
6.No Interlude
7.Fitter Stoke Has A Bath
8.Didn't Matter Anyway
bonus tracks
1.Halfway Between Heaven and Earth (full version)
2.Oh, Len's Nature
3.Lything and Gracing
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