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Wakeman, Rick
Great Britain
Live progressive

Enlarge this picture! Recorded in 1990, this Live album begins with a storming version of Catherine Parr, originally recorded for the successful Six Wives Of Henry The Eighth album. The line-up features David Paton - bass (Pilot/Kate Bush/Fish/Cockney Rebel), Ashley Holt - Vocals and Tony Fernandez - drums. This great album should appeal to fans of Yes as well as fans of Rick's solo work.

1.Catherine Parr
2.Elizabethan Rock
3.Make Me a Woman
4.Anne Boleyn
5.Journey to the Centre of the Earth
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VP 250CD CD 2003   6.00
Out There progressive

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of the official remastered edition of RICK WAKEMAN’s 2003 conceptual album with The New English Rock Ensemble, "Out There”.

Inspired by Space Exploration and dedicated to the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia, who lost their lives in the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster, "Out There” was one of Rick’s most "progressive” albums, featuring expansive pieces and the contributions of excellent musicians Damian Wilson (vocals), Ant Glynne (guitars), Lee Pomeroy (Bass) and Tony Fernandez (drums).

Unavailable for some years, "Out There” has been newly remastered and features an illustrated booklet with essay and is the first in a series of official RICK WAKEMAN releases on Esoteric Recordings.

- Rick Wakeman / keyboards
- Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith / guitars
- Tony Fernandez / drums & percussion
- Damian Wilson / vocals
- Ant Glynne / guitars
- Lee Pomeroy / bass
- English Chamber Choir / choir
- Guy Protheroe / conductor

1.Out There
2.The Mission
3.To Be With You
4.Universe of Sound
5.Music of Love
6.Cathedral of the Sky
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ECLEC 2438 CD 2003   17.00
White Rock II. progressive instrumental

Enlarge this picture! In 1976 Rick Wakeman (Yes) was asked to compose the music for the official film for the Winter Olimpics (Innsbruck) of the same year. The soundtrack album, WHITE ROCK, was a huge best seller reaching top 10 in the album charts. This album is a must for all prog. fans but unfortunately not available on any format today. In 1997, Rick was contacted by Konrad Bartelski at Trans World International who was involved in the reediting of four official Winter Olympic games films for television transmission later that year. One of them was the 1976 Winter Olympics from Innsbruck. After evaluating the scores from the remaining three films, Konrad felt that as they were being edited anyway, this was a perfect opportunity to have them re-scored, and so after lengthy discussion with Rick, new scores were produced for the edited films and the Reflections of Winter programmes were born. The response to the music was so positive that Rick set about the task of rearranging and recording the various themes from Reflections of Winter, just as he had done back in 1976 with the Innsbruck film, and produced seven tracks of outstanding quality well worthy of the title of WHITE ROCK II.

Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Brad Waissman - bass
Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith - guitars
Stuart Sawney - percussion programming

1.Oriental Iceman (11:48)
2.Ice Pie (8:54)
3.Dancing On Snowflakes (3:07)
4.Nine Ice Groove (7:03)
5.In The Frame (3:41)
6.Harlem Slalom (11:21)
7.Frost In Space (8:10)
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FGBG 4396 CD 2001   14.00
Phantom Power progressive

Enlarge this picture! Soundtrack for the 1990 relaunch of the 1925 silent movie "The Phantom Of The Opera", directed by Rupert Julian

- Rick Wakeman / keyboards, composer, arranger & co-producer

- Ramon Remedios / tenor vocals (3,6,9,13,14)
- Chrissie Hammond / vocals (2,6,8,10,12,14)
- Ashley Holt / vocals (1,5,7,10,14)
- D'zal Martin / guitar
- Tony Fernandez / drums, percussion

1.The Visit (3:44)
2.Heaven (4:14)
3.The Rat (3:26)
4.The Stiff (3:22)
5.Evil Love (3:49)
6.The Voice Of Love (3:07)
7.Heat Of The Moment (3:55)
8.Fear Of Love (3:27)
9.The Love Trilogy (5:14)
10.The Hangman (2:48)
11.The Sand-dance (2:49)
12.You Can't Buy My Love (3:31)
13.Phantom Power (2:48)
14.Rock Pursuit (4:48)
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RWCD 35 CD 2001   10.00
Out of the Blue - Live in Buenos Aires progressive sympho-rock

Enlarge this picture! - Rick Wakeman / keyboards
- Adam Wakeman / keyboards & backing vocals
- Tony Fernandez / drums & percussion
- Damian Wilson / vocals
- Ant Glynne / guitars & backing vocals
- Lee Pomeroy / bass

1.Journey to the Centre of the Earth
2.Buried Alive
3.Jane Seymour
4.No Earthly Connection / The Prisoner
5.Catherine Parr
6.The Visit
7.Return of the Phantom / Starship Trooper / Wurm
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ECLEC 2451 CD 2001   17.00
Fields of Green progressive

Enlarge this picture! - Rick Wakeman / keyboards, producer

- Chrissie Hammond / vocals
- Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith / acoustic & electric guitars
- Phil Laughlin / bass
- Stuart Sawney / percussion programming, mixing

1.Election '97 / Arthur
2.Starship Trooper
3.The Promise of Love
4.The Spanish Wizard
5.The Never Ending Road
6.The Fighter
7.Tell Me Why
8.The Rope Trick
9.The Nice Man
10.Fields of Green
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ECLEC 2461 CD 1996 / 2014   14.00
Rock 'n' Roll Prophet Plus progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! - Rick Wakeman / keyboards, lead vocals (1,4,7), producer

- Gaston Balmer / percussion
- Lilianne Lauber / backing vocals

1.I'm So Straight I'm a Weirdo (3:54)
2.The Dragon (3:34)
3.Dark (5:07)
4.Maybe '80 (5:27)
5.Early Warning (3:34)
6.Spy of '55 (5:07)
7.Do You Believe in Fairies? (4:29)
8.Rock 'n' Roll Prophet (4:40)
bonus tracks
1.Return of the Prophet (6:03)
2.Alpha Sleep (6:00)
3.March of the Child Soldiers (6:05)
4.Stalemate (5:55)
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RWCD 12 CD 1993   10.00
The Classical Connection 2. classical

Enlarge this picture! - Rick Wakeman / piano, keyboards, arranger & producer

- David Paton / bass & guitar (1,3,6,9)
- Steve Howe / acoustic guitar (10)
- Chris Squire / bass (10)
- Bill Bruford / drums (10)
- Frank Ricotti / tuned percussion (10)

1.Eleanor Rigby (8:08)
2.Birdman Of Alcatraz (4:28)
3.A Day After The Fair (4:38)
4.Opus-1 (3:10)
5.The Painter (3:07)
6.7" Summertime (6:05)
7.Dancing In Heaven (6:36)
8.A Garden Of Musci (3:18)
9.MacIntosh (3:49)
10.Farandol (2:45)
11.Pont Street (4:30)
12.Art And Soul (5:01)
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RWCD 14 CD 1993   10.00
Softsword - King John and the Magna Charter progressive

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of the official remastered edition of "Softsword”, the album inspired by the life of the English King John and the story of the Magna Carta, recorded in 1991.

The album came to life following a commission Rick received to compose music for the finale of the 1991 Dickens Festival at Rochester on Medway in Kent. Rick subsequently adapted the themes he had written for this event and developed them into songs and instrumental pieces. The resulting album featured guest musicians Chrissie Hammond (Vocals), David Paton (Guitars and Bass) and Annabel Blakeney (Gemshorn) and took its title from the nickname given to King John by medieval English Barons.

Unavailable for some years, "Softsword – King John & the Magna Carta” has been newly re-mastered and features an illustrated booklet with a new sleeve design and continues the series of official RICK WAKEMAN releases on Esoteric Recordings.

Rick Wakeman - keyboards, synthesizers
Anabel Blakeney - gemshorn
Chrissie Hammond - vocals
David Paton - bass, guitars
Stuart Sawney - percussion, programming

1.Magna Charter
2.After Prayers
3.Battle Sonata
4.The Siege
5.Rochester College
6.The Story of Love (King John)
7.March of Time
8.Don't Fly Away
11.Hymn of Hope
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ECLEC 2452 CD 1991   17.00
African Bach progressive

Enlarge this picture! - Rick Wakeman / keyboards, composer & co-producer

- Ashley Holt / vocals
- D'zal Martin / guitar
- David Patton / bass
- Tony Fernandez / drums
- South African Choir (?) / chorus vocals

1.African Bach (3:56)
2.Message Of Mine (4:00)
3.My Homeland (4:16)
4.Liberty (5:18)
5.Anthem (6:08)
6.Brainstorm (4:35)
7.Face In The Crowd (4:19)
8.Just A Game (4:10)
9.Africa East (5:44)
10.Don't Touch The Merchandise (4:38)
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RWCD 20 CD 1990 / 1993   10.00
Live at Hammersmith progressive

Enlarge this picture! - Rick Wakeman / keyboards, synthesizers
- Chas Cronk / bass, backing vocals
- Rick Fenn / guitar, backing vocals
- Tony Fernandez / drums
- Gordon Neville / lead vocals, percussion

1.Arthur (13:05)
2.Three Wives (16:52)
3.Journey (21:56)
4.Merlin (7:42)
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RWCD 2 CD 1985   10.00