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Lamm Dávid
1st the 1 (...then the other) jazz

Enlarge this picture! As indicated in the title of the project, the album is built on two different approaches, two different bands. ”The 1” (LD3) is based on chamber-jazz. The trio consists of bassist, Márton Soós and drummer, Elemér Balázs. The band plays my original compositions - ranging eclectically through a number of musical genres. ”The Other” consists of a groove band, playing all sorts of groove-based music from reggae to hip-hop to R’n’B . These two different musical approaches seem to complete each other well.

Dávid Lamm – guitar
Márton Soós – upright
Elemér Balázs – drums
(Feat.: József Balázs, András Dés)

Dávid Lamm – guitar, vcls
Ági Szalóki - vcls
Márton Soós – bass guitar
József Balázs/Zoltán Csanyi – keyboard
Gábor Bolla – saxophone
Áron Koós-Hutás – trumpet
MC Zeek – rap
András Mohay/Elemér Balázs/Toni Snétberger - drums

The 1
1.The Next Song
3.Don Nino
The Other
1.In Vain
2.What A Game To Play
3.Intro / Redemption Song
4.Intro / Redemption Song
5.1st the 1 (...then the other)
6.(It's) About Time
bonus tracks
1.Mo's Blues
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