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Uriah Heep
Great Britain
Totally Driven (2CD) rock

Enlarge this picture! - Bernie Shaw / lead vocals
- Mick Box / lead guitar, vocals
- Phil Lanzon / keyboards, vocals
- Trevor Bolder / bass, vocals
- Lee Kerslake / drums, vocals

1.Gypsy (3:52)
2.Traveller in Time (2:51)
3.Bird of Prey (4:43)
4.Sunrise (4:07)
5.Rain (4:19)
6.Come Away Melinda (3:32)
7.Return to Fantasy (4:36)
8.Look at Yourself (3:23)
9.Come Back to Me (4:06)
10.The Easy Road (2:40)
11.Sweet Freedom (6:13)
12.Why Did You Go? (3:23)
13.July Morning (8:51)
14.Easy Livin' (2:40)
1.Between Two Worlds (5:25)
2.Only the Young (4:33)
3.Different World (4:21)
4.Love in Silence (6:23)
5.Blind Eye (3:15)
6.Wonderworld (4:19)
7.Stealin' (4:43)
8.Time of Revelation (3:57)
9.Cross That Line (5:23)
10.More Fool You (3:11)
11.Universal Wheels (4:52)
12.The Golden Palace (7:57)
13.Lady in Black (5:41)
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UH001CD CD 2015   20.00
Rainbow Demon (2CD) rock

Enlarge this picture! Uriah Heep’s by-the-books progressive heavy metal made the British Band one of the most popular hard rock groups of the early ’70s and influenced countless other bands that followed in their wake. This great 2 CD collection combines the energy-rush of live performances from the „Spellbinder” album, as well as the best tracks from their „Sea Of Light” and „Sonic Origami” albums of the middle/late 90s. On „Sea Of Light” the band returned to the gothic-tinged old-schhol metal style that highlited classic Uriah Heep albums. Spellbinder” was recorded during Uriah Heep’s 1995 tour to support „Sea Of Light” and features plenty of old favourites. The classic rock gems „Stealin” and „Easy Livin” are both included. „Sonic Origami” has a grand, epic tone throughout that compliments Uriah Heep’s journeyman-sounding prog-tinged hard rock.

Bass – Trevor Bolder
Drums – Lee Kerslake
Guitar – Mick Box
Keyboards – Phil Lanzon
Vocals – Bernie Shaw

CD1 - Live & Studio 1994
1.Devils Daughter
3.Bad Bad Man
4.Rainbow Demon
5.Words In A Distance
7.Circle Of Hands
9.Look At Yourself
10.Lady In Black
11.Easy Livin'
12.Sail The Rivers
CD2 - Studio 1995-1998
1.Between Two Worlds
2.Against The Odds
3.Sweet Sugar
4.Time Of Relevation
5.Universal Wheels
6.Fear Of Falling
7.Words In The Distance
8.Fires Of Hell (Your Only Son)
9.Dream On
10.In The Moment
12.Everything In Life
13.Feels Like
14.The Golden Palace
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MCCD 540 CD 2004   6.00
Spellbinder - Live rock

Enlarge this picture! - Mick Box / guitar & vocals
- Lee Kerslake / drums & vocals
- trevor Bolder / bass & vocals
- Phil Lanzon / keyboards & vocals
- Bernie Shaw / lead singer

1.Devil's Daughter (4:38)
2.Stealin' (5:32)
3.Bad Bad Man (3:58)
4.Rainbow Demon (4:13)
5.Words In The Distance (4:42)
6.The Wizard (3:44)
7.Circle Of Hands (7:24)
8.Gypsy (7:08)
9.Look At Yourself (4:56)
10.Lady In Black (5:48)
11.Easy Livin' (3:02)
12.Sail The Rivers (studio track) (6:52)
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HNECD 013 CD 1996   15.00
Equator rock

Enlarge this picture! The story of Uriah Heep is one that is now within its 40th year and as such, is testament to the band’s talent and tenacity as both recording and touring artists. Through record breaking tours, gold and platinum selling albums, timeless chart scaling anthems and a fiercely dedicated fan base of worldwide proportions, Uriah Heep can rightly claim to be one of the greatest U.K. progressive heavy rock bands of both the 20th and 21st centuries.

Lead by original member and lead guitarist Mick Box since 1982, Uriah Heep returned in 2008 from a recording hiatus that had lasted ten years with a brand new studio album (Wake The Sleeper) that floored the critics and fans in equal measure. Equator, the band’s sixteenth studio album was produced by Tony Platt (AC/DC, Foreigner) and was the last to feature lead singer, Pete Goalby bringing to an end this powerful association. Equator was also the last time for the band to enjoy a UK chart placing.

This expanded edition adds 4 bonus tracks with the non-album single b-side, Backstage Girl as well as a live version of the Heep classic Gypsy. All are previously unreleased on CD and enhance this rather over-looked Uriah Heep offering. 25TH Anniversary Edition of Uriah Heep’s sixteenth studio album. Re-mastered & Expanded to include 4 bonus tracks previously unreleased on CD.

- Mick Box / guitars
- Peter Goalby / vocals
- John Sinclair / keyboards, vocals
- Trevor Bolder / bass, vocals
- Lee Kerslake / drums

2.Bad Blood
3.Lost One Love
5.Holding On / Party Time
6.Poor Little Rich Girl
7.Skool’s Burnin
8.Heartache City
9.Night Of The Wolf
bonus tracks
1.Rockarama (7 single edit)
2.Back Stage Girl (7 single B-side)
3.Gypsy (live)
4.Poor Little Rich Girl (7 single version)
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CDLEM 166 CD 1985   15.00