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Walrus progressive rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Walrus were a Jazz influenced progressive rock outfit who formed in 1969. They recorded one of the most collectable and sought after albums to be released by Decca Records progressive imprint, Deram. A superb mixture of styles, the album was notable for a cover version of Traffic's Coloured Rain, alongside original numbers.

Steve Hawthorn / 12-string guitar, bass guitar
John Scates / guitar
Noel Greenaway / vocals
Bill Hoad / flute, alto flute, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, wind
Roy Voce / saxophone, tenor saxophone
Don Richards / trumpet, celesta
Barry Parfitt / piano, organ, keyboards
Roger Harrison / drums, claves, cowbells, tambourine
Nick Gabb / drums

1.Who Can I Trust?
2.Rags and Old Iron / Blind Man / Roadside
4.Turning / Woman / Turning
5.Sunshine Needs Me
6.Coloured Rain / Mother's Dead Face in Memoriam / Coloured Rain (Reprise)
7.Tomorrow Never Comes
bonus track
1.Never Let My Body Touch the Ground
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ECLEC 2071 CD 1970   17.00