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Jade Warrior
Great Britain
Now psychedelic progressive

Enlarge this picture! - Jon Field / flutes, percussion, keyboards
- Glyn Havard / vocals, additional guitar
- Dave Sturt / basses, percussion, keyboards

Guest musicians:
- Tim Stone / guitars
- Theo Travis / saxes
- Chris Ingham / piano
- Jeff Davenport / drums
- Lottie Field / woodwinds
- Sam Ryde / piano
- Carol Bellingham / backing vocals
- Gowan Turnbull / saxes, contrabass clarinet
- Brian Imig / remiclud

‘Now’ marks a return to top form by the legendary group that pioneered experimental rock in the Seventies. Jade Warrior’s cult following will be delighted by a set of performances that blend all their diverse influences into a magical box of delights.

Rich in contrasts, the music on this ten track CD swoops from melodic introspection to heavy rock urban tension. The songs, laced with potent lyrics by singer Glyn Havard deal with relationships and the complexities of life, typified by such sensitive compositions as ‘The Fool And His Bride’ and ‘Lost Boys’.

Outstanding musicianship is at the core of the band’s special appeal, delivered by Jon Field (flute) and Dave Sturt (fretless bass) with distinguished guest players including Theo Travis (sax) Tim Stone (guitar), Jeff Davenport (drums). Gentle flutes and ethnic themes on compositions such ‘Journey’ and ‘Floating Moon’ are interspersed with the dynamic rock energy of ‘3am Meltdown’ a track that shocks with its abrupt change of mood.

Here is a superb album that celebrates the return of a splendidly different group. These ‘21st century schizoid men’ boldly continue in the tradition of ‘prog rock’ by offering true progression, into an imaginative and satisfying future.

1.Fool and his Bride
3.Lost Boys
4.Tall Trees
5.Floating Moon
6.3am Meltdown
7.True Love
9.Screaming Dreams
10.Everything Must Pass
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REPUK 1129 CD 2008   0.00
Waves psychedelic progressive

Enlarge this picture! Classic magnificent 1975 album "WAVES” by JADE WARRIOR. This wonderful band first came to attention with a clutch of albums recorded for Vertigo Records in the early 1970’s. By 1974 they had become the vision of flautist JON FIELD and guitarist TONY DUHIG and had signed to Island Records. Noted by CHRIS BLACKWELL as one of his favourite groups, the four albums recorded by JADE WARRIOR for Island were classic ambient works, stunning in their beauty and power. "WAVES” was the band’s second album for Island Records and arguably their most fully realised. Featuring STEVE WINWOOD as guest keyboard player, "WAVES” remains an outstanding listening experience. This Esoteric Recordings reissue has been re-mastered from the original tapes and fully restores the original album artwork.

- Tony Duhig / guitars, percussion
- Jon Field / percussion, flutes
- Dave Duhig / electric guitar solo
- Graham Morgan / drums
- Suzy / vocals (Whale theme)
- Maggie Thomas / alto recorder
- Steve Winwood / Moog and piano solos

1.Waves part I. (19:17)
2.Waves part II. (23:33)
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ECLEC 2211 CD 1975   17.00
Fifth Element psychedelic progressive

Enlarge this picture! Jade Warrior recorded more material a few months after the 1973 London sessions that resulted in their unreleased ‘Eclipse’ album. This has now been assembled to create a second CD, ‘The Fifth Element’, full of superb performances featured on eight dynamic tracks.

Drummer Allan Price back original Jade Warriors Jon Field, Glyn Havard and Tony Duhig and says Havard: “Both ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Fifth Element’ are different from the previous three studio albums, in that we had a powerful drummer. We had also been touring America, resulting in a harder, rockier sound. On these sessions we also had Dave Duhig on second guitar and there was a lot more jamming.”

Among the highlights are such songs are ‘On the Mountain Of Fruit And Flowers’ and ’24 Hour Movie’ that reflect the experimental, progressive mood of the times. “These songs are all part of the Jade Warrior legacy and it’s great to have them released,” says Havard.

This CD has liner notes by Chris Welch and it includes the exclusive new interview with Glyn Havard, who tells the story of the band and describes the various tracks. Digitally remastered and with new cover artwork by Jon Field.

- Tony Duhig / guitars
- Jon Field / percussion, flutes
- Glyn Havard / bass, vocals
- Allan Price / drums
- David Duhig / guitar

1.On The Mountain Of Fruit And Flowers
3.Hey Rainy Day
4.We Are The One
5.24 Hour Movie
7.Yam Jam
8.Have You Ever
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REPUK 1123 CD 1973   0.00
Eclipse psychedelic progressive

Enlarge this picture! Jade Warrior was one of the most intriguing and musically gifted bands signed to the progressive Vertigo label in the early Seventies. They developed a unique sound and style that suited the progressive rock era, with flutes and guitars helping to interpret imaginative arrangements and lyrical songs.

This unique British group was in the throes of making two new albums when they suddenly broke up in 1973. After the three albums, the original group disbanded, but they left a legacy of two more works recorded for Vertigo that remained unreleased. Both these rare albums are now being made available by Repertoire and will be much sought after by collectors as Jade Warrior enjoy a cult following.

‘Eclipse’ was written and produced in 1973 by vocalist Glyn Havard together with Jon Field (flute), and Tony Duhig (guitars). Now digitally remastered, this excellent CD and has seven superb tracks that encompass the variety of styles and moods created by the Warriors.

The band was founded by flautist Jon Field and singer Glyn Havard who discuss the music and evolution of a the group in the informative CD liner notes.

- Tony Duhig / guitars
- Jon Field / percussion, flutes
- Glyn Havard / bass, vocals
- Allan Price / drums
- David Duhig / guitar

1.English Morning
3.Too Many Heroes
4.Soldier Song
5.Mwenga Sketch
6.Holy Roller
7.House Of Dreams
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REPUK 1122 CD 1973   0.00
Last Autumn's Dream psychedelic progressive

Enlarge this picture! Jade Warrior was one of the most intriguing and inventive bands signed to the Vertigo label in the early Seventies. ‘Last Autumn’s Dream’ was their third album, first released in 1972 and features the late Tony Duhig (guitar), Glyn Havard (vocals, bass) and Jon Field (flute, congas, percussion), together with Allan Price (drums) and David Duhig (lead guitar).

The band’s unusual name reflects their interest in Eastern music (a ‘Jade Warrior’ means a Japanese Samurai swordsman who is also interested in art and poetry). The Jade Warrior group was a unique concept, and the music on this CD has great subtlety that progressive rock fans will find especially appealing.

Among the highlights are such songs as ‘A Winter’s Tale’ and ‘The Demon Trucker’ as well as instrumental numbers such as ‘Dark River’ and ‘Obedience’.

The liner notes feature an interview with original group member Glyn Havard.

- Tony Duhig / electric guitar
- Jon Field / alto & concert flutes, congas, percussion
- Glyn Havard / vocals, bass, acoustic guitar
- Allan Price / drums
- David Duhig / lead guitar (1), guitar (8)

1.A Winters Tale
3.Dark River
6.Morning Hymn
7.Way Queen
8.The Demon Trucker
9.Lady of the Lake
10.Borne on to the Solar Wind
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REPUK 1104 CD 1972   0.00
Released psychedelic progressive

Enlarge this picture! Innovative musical concepts are featured on this marvellous, much sought after second album by a unique British group which blends Eastern influences with elements of rock and folk music. The founder members of Jade Warrior were guitarist Tony Duhig, his flute-playing partner Jon Field, and vocalist Glyn Havard. Drums and saxophones augmented the original trio for ‘Released’, which was the group’s second album on the progressive Vertigo label and first issued in 1971.

Hailed by many fans as one of the group’s most popular and important albums, it comprises eight tracks featuring the interplay between the vocals, powerful guitar and melodic flute solos. As well as such imaginative compositions as ‘Three Horned Dragon King’, ‘Eyes On You’ and ‘Water Curtain Cave’, it includes the tracks ‘(We Have) Reason To Believe’ and ‘Barazinbar’, which were released as a single.

A bonus item features another version of album track ‘Minnamoto’s Dream’, which has a different ending and will be of special interest to the band’s worldwide army of fans. This is entrancing world music from the Seventies and way ahead of its time, and it is packaged as a replica of its original fold out poster-sleeve.

- Tony Duhig / guitar
- Jon Field / flute, congas, percussion
- Glyn Havard / vocals, bass
- Dave Conners / alto & tenor saxes, flute
- Allan Price / drums

1.Three Horned Dragon King
2.Eyes On You
3.Bride Of Summer
4.Water Curtain Cave
5.Minnamoto’s Dream
6.(We Have) Reason To Believe
8.Yellow Eyes
bonus track
1.Minnamoto’s Dream (sudden end version)
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REPCD 1052 CD 1971   15.00
Jade Warrior psychedelic progressive

Enlarge this picture! - Tony Duhig / guitars
- Jon Field / percussion, flutes
- Glyn Havard / bass, vocals

1.The Traveller
2.A Prenormal Day In Brighton
3.Masai Morning – Casting Of The Bones / The Hunt / A Ritual Of Kings
5.Dragonfly Day – Metamorphosis / Dance Of The Sun Spirit / Death
7.Telephone Girl
8.Psychiatric Sergeant
9.low Ride
10.Sundial Song
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REPUK 1019 CD 1971   0.00