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Tomorrows News rock psychedelic psychedelic

Enlarge this picture! Since 2012, the band has undergone some changes in style: the funk and soul was replaced by rock and pshychedelic atmosphere, but the characteristic, unadulterated 60’s sound of The Qualitons is well recognizable in the English language vocal songs. The post-productions of the new album, ‘Tomorrow’s News’ were made in England, and the 9 new songs are a real treat for the lovers of the genre.

G.Szabó Hunor – vocals, guitar
Szőke Barna – guitar
Hock Ernő – bass, vocals
Menyhei Ádám – keymoards, vocals
Boros Levente – drums, vocals

1.Walkin' On Water
2.My Latest Dream
3.Wonder About You
4.Come In To Play
5.Pocket Dialer
7.Gone To You
9.Soap Bubble
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GRCD 034 CD 2014   13.00