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Tariska, Radovan
Folklore to Jazz jazz

Enlarge this picture! The project “Folklore to Jazz” is yet another successful project of an outstanding saxophone
player Radovan Tariska. The name it self is already hinting a very interesting and exclusive fusion
of the two musical styles which are a Slovakian folklore with an American Jazz. In this project
there are featuring the most well known folk songs from the different regions of Slovakia (Saris,
Spis, Zemplin, Gemer, Tekov) which are enriched and arranged with the use of harmony, jazz rhythm
and even the influence of latin music where the original melody and character of the songs is still
These interesting arrangements are full of surprising moments, musical twists and therefore the
amazing experience for the listener is guaranteed. This project is unique but not only for the
combination of these cultures, but also there are strong parallels to be found if looked closer and
that is the resemblance of a folk band playing of each other and the band members communicating
during the performance just like in a jazz quartet performance which is topped with an amazing and
very typical solos of Radovan Tariska. It‘s also a collaboration of an eminent European musicians.

Radovan Tariška – saxophone (SK)
Benito Gonzalez – piano (Venezuela)
Essiet – contrabass (USA)
David Hodek – drums (SK)
Stanislav Palúch – violin (SK)
Tomáš Baroš – contrabass (CZ)
Jozef Fečo – cimbal and contrabass (SK)

Peter Lipa - vocal
Peter Kolarik - fujara
Marek Dorcik - drums
Marian Sevcik - drums, percussion

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