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Bágyi Balázs New Quartet
Tribute to Ella jazz

Enlarge this picture! Kriszta Pocsai – vocal
János Ávéd – sax
Dezső Oláh – piano
Péter Oláh – double bass
Balázs Bágyi – drums

1.Isn’t This a Lovely Day
2.S' Wonderful
3.Can’t We be Friends
4.Fascinating Rhythm
5.Easy to Love
6.Under a Blanket of Blue
7.April in Paris
8.Our Love Is Here to Stay
9.How High the Moon
10.The Nearness of You
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TTCD 275 CD 2017   12.00
Continuity Jazz Suite jazz

Enlarge this picture! János Avéd – tenor and soprano saxophone
Dezső Oláh – piano
Péter Oláh – bass
Balázs Bágyi – drums

1.Allegretto 8:52
2.Tempo Rubato 6:12
3.Moderato 4:29
4.Presto 8:35
5.Largo 3:13
6.Andante 1:49
7.Allegro 9:22
8.Adagio 2:07
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TTCD 244 CD 2016   12.00
Homage to Shakespeare jazz

Enlarge this picture! Kriszta Pocsai – vocal
Soso Lakatos – tenor saxophone
Dezső Oláh – piano
Peter Oláh – bass
Balázs Bágyi – drums

3.Sonnet LXVI.
4.Venus and Adonis
5.Passionate Pilgrim XII.
6.Finale (Shakespeare’s World)
7.Sonnet LXVI. – Alternate Take
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TTCD 253 CD 2016   12.00
Easy Landing jazz

Enlarge this picture! Balázs Bágyi is one of the most respected musicians of the Hungarian jazz scene today, working internationally, leading his own bands over the last two decades. Being a member of different bands he creates music almost in all genres, his unique melodic style of playing drums gives a complex music experience. His previous quartet, existed from 2004 - 2011, was a very important band on the Hungarian etno-jazz a world music scene. The music of this new quartet contains less of the folk background but sounds like today' s pure acoustic jazz based on post bop elements.
His partners are the best players of the young generation from Budapest, as saxophonist János Ávéd, playing with overwhelming energy, the classically trained Junior Prima awarded pianist Dezső Oláh, and Péter Oláh, one of the greatest bass players in Central Europe.
The repertoire of the quartet is based on the leader 's originals.

János Ávéd - saxophone
Dezső Oláh - piano
Péter Oláh - bass
Balázs Bágyi - drums

1.Heavy Guys
4.Easy Landing
5.Mr. Bechstein
8.1st of April
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BBNQ 01 CD 2014   12.00