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Eastern Boundary Quartet
Hungary / U.S.A.
Eastern Boundary
(Keleti határszél)
jazz world music

Enlarge this picture! The band was formed with the imagination of connecting two worlds of the jazz scene today.

This unique collaboration is a mixture of avantgarde jazz and ethno music from Hungary, like a cultural bridge between the USA and Eastern-Europe. This bridge is made of talent, respect, brotherhood and friendship, built by the common language of jazz and improvised music.
Their debut album called Eastern Boundary is a live recording of their very first concert from 2007.

Mihály Borbély – saxophone
Michael Jefry Stevens – piano
Joe Fonda – bass
Balázs Bágyi - drums

1.Song for My Mother
2.The End Game
3.Fire Jumping
5.Afro Blue
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EBQCD 01 CD 2007   12.00