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Omnia Opera
Great Britain
Omnia Opera / Red Shift (2CD) psychedelic space space

Enlarge this picture! Following the release of the acclaimed 3CD DELERIUM RECORDS anthology, "THE LAST DAZE OF THE UNDERGROUND” in February 2011, ESOTERIC RECORDINGS begin a series of reissues drawn from the DELERIUM label’s catalogue on the newly resurrected DELERIUM imprint with this collection of the albums "OMNIA OPERA” and "RED SHIFT” by Omnia Opera. Formed in Kidderminster in the mid-1980s, OMNIA OPERA signed to Delerium Records in 1992, first appearing on the legendary "FUN WITH MUSHROOMS” compilation. Their self- titled debut album for Delerium was released in 1993. The band enjoyed a loyal cult following and recorded their second album, RED SHIFT in 1995. The album languished on the shelf for two years, eventually appearing 1997 on DELERIUM. Although the group had expanded their fan base still further, performing at HAWKWIND’s Hawkfest gathering two years in succession, by the time RED SHIFT was issued, OMNIA OPERA had dissolved. With the sad demise of the original Delerium label, the band’s output for the label became unavailable. Now, after some years, both albums have been re-mastered and repackaged in this collection.

- Rob Lloyd / guitar, vocals
- Ade Scholefield / keyboards, vocals
- Andy Jones / vocals, bass
- Nathalie Jones / vocals
- Lisa Moriarty / vocals
- Neil Spragg / drums

CD1 - Omnia Opera
1.Space Bastard
3.The Awakening
4.Floating Setee
5.The Awakened
6.Each Day
7.The Brighter Sun
8.Bright Sun
9.Freeze Out
CD2 - Red Shift
4.Fly And Burn
8.Shopping General (Revisit To Beldahorne)
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