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Brown, Arthur
Great Britain
Strangelands progressive

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Recordings are pleased to release the classic lost album by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Strangelands. Recorded in the Autumn of 1969, the sessions were an attempt to resurrect the Crazy World by Arthur Brown and featured some classic material. Divided into four sub-headings, ( The Country, The City, The Cosmos and The Afterlife ), Strangelands was certainly ahead of its time but failed to gain a full release for nearly two decades. In hindsight, the material can be seen as the blueprint for Arthur s next project, the innovative Kingdom Come.

This Esoteric Recordings reissue also adds the legendary Replicas sessions by Rustic Hinge. Featuring Crazy World drummer Drachan Theaker and guitarist Andy Rickell, the project was originally intended to feature Arthur Brown as vocalist and also featured the legendary High Tide guesting on one track. With Brown leaving the group to form the first incarnation of Kingdom Come, Rustic Hinge would eventually release material on John Peel’Dandelion label, whilst the Replicas sessions would remain unreleased for a further 20 years. This Esoteric reissue has been newly re-mastered and includes a new essay.

- Android Funnel / guitar
- Arthur Brown / vocals
- Dennis Taylor / bass
- Drachen Theaker / drums
- George Kahn / saxophone
- Jonah Mitchell / organ

1.Strangelands Part One: The Country Life Jacket
2.Purple Airport Of Love
3.All Over The Country
4.The Lord Doesn’t Want You Part Two: The City
5.The Sound Of The City Part Three: The Cosmos
6.All Forms And Distinctions
7.Beyond The Sea
8.Planets Of The Universe
9.Twisted Wreckage
10.Hold On Cosmos Part Four: The Afterlife
11.Endless Sleep
12.Rustic Hinge: Replicas - T On The Lawn For 3
13.Excitation Wavelength
14.Litmus Transformation
15.Ocus Pocus
16.Crystallized Petard
18.But That Was Then That Was But
19.High Tide Play Rustic Hinge
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ECLEC 2258 CD 1988   17.00
Chisholm In My Bosom progressive

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce a new remastered edition of the 1977 album by ARTHUR BROWN, CHISHOLM IN MY BOSOM . Recorded at a cross roads in Arthur's career, the album saw him experiment with the lengthy side-long title track, collaborating once more with former CRAZY WORLD band mate VINCENT CRANE and KINGDOM COME guitarist ANDY DALBY. The result was one of the most fascinating and creative albums recorded by Arthur in the 1970s. Featuring a superb version of I PUT A SPELL ON YOU and a series of shorter tracks, Chisholm in my Bosom now makes its full UK debut
on CD (a previous release editing ten minutes from the lengthy title track).

- Arthur Brown / vocals
- Andy Dalby / guitars
- Rick Kulack / guitars
- Eugene Dilibero / guitars
- John McBurnie / guitars
- Robert Kirby / keyboards
- Vincent Crane / keyboards
- Goodge Harris / keyboards
- Mike Storey / keyboards
- Phil Curtis / bass guitar
- D Harper / bass guitar
- Norman Wattroy / bass
- Phil Cranham / bass
- Charlie Charles / drums
- John Lingwood / drums
- Steve Holly / drums
- Morris Pert / percussions
- Robin James / percussions
- Tony Uter / percussions
- Jacquie Sullivan / backing vocals
- RJ Lange / backing vocals
- Bobbie McGhee / backing vocals

1.Need To Know
2.Monkey Walk
3.Let A Little Sunshine (Into Your Life)
4.I Put A Spell On You
5.She Son My Mind
6.The Lord Is My Saviour
7.Chisholm In My Bosom
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ECLEC 2299 CD 1977   17.00
Galactic Zoo Dossier progressive

Enlarge this picture! Released on 22/02/10 Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of a newly re-mastered and expanded of Galactic Zoo Dossier , the first album by Arthur Brown's Psych / Space Rock outfit Kingdom Come. Issued on Polydor in 1971, the album launched the band, gaining instant notoriety. Touching on the musical territory of fellow travellers Hawkwind, Galactic Zoo Dossier was a masterwork and is now rightly regarded as a classic. This newly remastered edition includes bonus tracks of three alternate versions of Metal Monster , Space Plucks and Sunrise , together with both tracks from a BBC Radio One John Peel session from March 1971 (previously unreleased on CD).

- Arthur Brown / vocals
- Julian Brown / vocals
- Phil Curtis / bass
- Andy Dalby / guitar
- Michael Harris / keyboards
- Phil Shutt / bass
- Martin Steer / drums

1.Internal Messenger
2.Space Plucks
3.Galactic Zoo
4.Metal Monster
5.Simple Man
6.Night Of The Pigs
10.Medley: Galactic Zoo (Part Two) Space Plucks (Part Two) Galactic Zoo (Part Three)
13.Gypsy Escape
14.No Time
bonus tracks
1.Sunrise (alternate version)
2.Metal Monster (alternate version)
3.Space Plucks Dem Bones
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ECLEC 2179 CD 1971   17.00
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (deluxe edition) (2CD) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of a deluxe 2CD edition of The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. The Psychedelic Rock classic burst forth in 1968, topping the albums charts on both sides of the Atlantic and spawning the hit single Fire. The rock world discovered the delights of rocks supreme showman Arthur Brown and his influence would be felt the following decade when Alice Cooper acknowledged his debt to Arthur's genius. Produced by WHO manager Kit Lambert and Who guitarist Pete Townshend, this classic album has been re-mastered and expanded to a two disc edition by the inclusion of rare single tracks, a BBC Radio One session from April 1968, alternate Mono mixes from the album sessions, and a version of Nightmare from the 1968 film, The Committee . Lavishly packaged in a slipcase with an extensively illustrated booklet with new essay, this is the ultimate edition of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

- Arthur Brown / vocals
- Vincent Crane / keyboard
- Sean Nicholas / bass
- Drachen Theaker / drums

1.Prelude Nightmare
2.Fanfare Fire Poem
4.Come And Buy
5.Time Confusion
6.I Put A Spell On You
7.Spontaneous Apple Creation
8.Rest Cure
9.I've Got Money
10.Child Of My Kingdom
1.Devils Grip
2.Give Him A Flower
3.Music Man (stereo mix)
4.Fire (first version previously unreleased)
5.Prelude Nightmare (alternate mono mix)
6.Fanfare Fire Poem (alternate mono mix)
7.Fire (alternate mono mix)
8.Come And Buy (alternate mono mix)
9.Time - Confusion (alternate mono mix)
10.BBC Session April 1968: Brian Matthew Interview
11.Fire Poem Fire
12.Come and Buy
13.Nightmare (from the soundtrack of the film The Committee)
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ECLEC 22178 CD 1968   20.00