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David Yengibarian Trio / Lukács Miklós
Hungary / Armenia
Mariage world music jazz

Enlarge this picture! "Musical Mariage would be the therm that best describes the collaborative play of Davis Yengibarian and his colleagues in their new album.
Motif from folk music and jazz fold intoa musical embrace that is akin to the lovemaking os a well-matched couple.
Resonating to each other..." Kali Kinga

David Yengibarian – accordion
Lukács Miklós – cimbalom
Bata István – bass guitar
Badics Márk – drums

1.Krivo sadovsko horo
2.Hunvar 2006
3.Nevestino oro + Perniska kopanitsa
4.Avetis Angelo
5.When it will Happen
6.Lyrical Monologue
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HRCD 1411 CD 2014   14.00