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Yes We Do
Hungary / Romania
The Missed Sanctification heavy

Enlarge this picture! YesWeDo is a project by Zoltan Sebestyen, a musician from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. There are about 7 years of work and planning in the background.

The songs for 'The Missed Sanctification' were composed between 2009 and 2014, each of them based on preexisting lyrics. The musical material is slave for the lyrical content and depends on it.

The 'TMS' is autobiographical. There's no strategic thinking behind it. It is what it naturally became.

'The Missed Sanctification', the first YesWeDo release, is a full length album. It was recorded between June and August 2014 at SuperSize Recording, Budapest. All the studio work was done by Gábor Nóniusz - he recorded, mixed and mastered the material.

The drums were recorded by Adam Markó, one of the most respected Hungarian session drummers, the founder of the modern progressive rock band Special Providence. The guitar parts were recorded by Richard Bordea, a professional Romanian guitar player. The vocal and the bass parts were recorded by Zoltan Sebestyen, who also produced the album.

Richard Bordea - guitars,
Adam Marko - drums,
Zoltan Sebestyen - voice, bass, piano/synth
and programming

1.Hiding Place
2.We Will Rise
4.In My Closet
6.Yes We Do
7.We Are The Temple
8.Love Bomb
9.Do You Understand
10.Cosmic Jerusalem
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