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Zűrös Banda
2021 folk world music

Enlarge this picture! Zűrös' second album is titled 2021, born in a difficult year but full of creative energies and its own songs!

It’s been five years since the band’s first album, which blew up the international charts right after their release. This year, the band had time to put together the material for the new record, which has been mature for a long time - at concerts and rehearsals. On the new album of Zűrös Banda, Hungarian folk song adaptations and their own compositions in Hungarian came to the fore, but the Balkan attachment remained noticeably, as did the virtuoso instrument handling, the passionate playing and the attention to each other.

From the members of the band, from their music, they come across what they write about themselves: "In addition to the many years of friendship connecting the members of the band, the main role was played by the fact that they all love Hungarian and modern Balkan music."
Under their hands, folk music themes and songs (Hungarian, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian) are performed in style, while the rhythm section supports the beautiful melodies with a more modern sound, which are performed in the voice of Branka Básits, mostly in Hungarian.

Básits Branka - vocals / vocals
Peter Bede - saxophone, flute / saxophone, whistle
Babcsán Bence - saxophone, clarinet, flute / saxophone, clarinet, whistle
Varga Kornel - guitar, vocals / guitar, vocals
Attila Boros - bass / bass guitar
Ákos Kertész - dob / drums
Guests / guests:
Lang János - violin / violin (3. 9.)
Márton Fekete “Kispuma” - viola / viola (4. 7.)
Eredics Dávid - Bulgarian kaval / Bulgarian kaval (8.)
Csaba Tóth Bagi - guitar / guitar (11.)

1. On the hilltop of Méra 4.44
2. Palatkai 4.13
3. Humphrey Bulgarian 3.50
4. Please give me one my God 5.41
5. Beehive 4.45
6. Fenn a star / The star above 4.02
7. Mold 3.03
8. Memento 4.47
9. Open the door my darling 4.41
10. Kako kolan 3.45
11. Bulgarian outro 5.01

Recording: Budapest, Pannónia Studio, December 2, 2020 3.

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Balkan and Hungarian Music Without Borders
(Balkáni és magyar zene határok nélkül)
world music

Enlarge this picture! In addition to the various Eastern European and Balkan musical traditions - Romanian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Gypsy, Serbian - the music of the Zűrös Band, formed in 2013, holds together jazz and modern dance music. From this mixture of different cultures and musical styles, the individual musical image characteristic of the Chilly Band is formed. Their concerts are characterized by strength, momentum and energy.

Brás Básits is the singer of Pravo, who plays Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian folk music, and is one of the most talented female performers in Hungary. Guitarist Kornél Varga is known from the bands Fianna and Fabula Rasa, as is drummer Ákos Kertész, who, in addition to Fabula Rasa, is also a contributor to several domestic and foreign jazz projects. Attila Boros also plays in the basic orchestra of Hungarian world music, Makám. Péter Bede, the young and popular saxophonist, plays in countless folk world music and jazz productions, such as in the Balogh Kálmán Gypsy Cimbalom Band or in the Fanfara Complexa. János Lang was the founder of Fianna, who plays Irish music and currently works in many bands in the island.

Brás Básits - vocals
János Lang - violin
Péter Bede - saxophone,
Kornél Varga - guitars
Attila Boros - bass guitar
Ákos Kertész - drums, percussion

Kálmán Balogh - cimbalom

2.Napvilág, holdvilág
4.Zöld erdőben de magos
5.Pirini lagzi
7.Nem fújnak most olyan szelek
8.Macedón metálos
9.Őrült karaván
10.Túl a vizen
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