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Silence Fiction
Silence Fiction jazz

Enlarge this picture! Only just celebrating their first year together, the band Silence Fiction has already taken a long journey. All the four young musicians are students of the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, but the rapport between them goes through their studies. The interaction between piano player, composer Daniel Vikukel and singer, songwriter Gina Kanizsa came immediately, as they mutually listened to each others music. They started with a duo project, but found the sound and form they missed in the quartett endlessly.
Mark and Marcell plays nearly form the beginning of their musical studies together, so insertion of the bass-player and the drummer make a save and strong base for the unfolding harmonies and the common improvisation.

Their debut concert was held right away at the Jazz Showcase Budapest, what is an annual event for the emerging talents of the international scene. Since then, they complied invitations as the acclaimed Veszprémfest, and the Contemporary Arts Festival Budapest (CAFe), and they are regular performers at the Palace of Arts, and Budapest Jazz Club.

Inspired by works of science fiction, Silence Fiction envisions a future where meaningful, quality music can find its way to the people. Instead of punishing forward in a loud, shrill way, they prefer the path of self reflection, offering tranquil engrossment.

Meanwhile Silence Fiction thinks and thought-provoking, they mix jazz and classical music with the mainstream genres in such a way, that the audience feels itself involved, not drowned into the music.

Georgina Kanizsa - vocal
Dániel Vikukel - piano
Márk Miskolczi - bass
Marcell Urbán - drums

Richter Dorottya - cello

3.Angel Eyes
4.Little Sunflower
5.Save Your Love for Me
6.Morning Bell
7.A Thousand Years
9.Smells Like Teen Spirit
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