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Hortobágyi László / Lovász Irén
World Tree
folk world music

Enlarge this picture! “A musical trip in virtual space and time. A game with the thought of what cultural possibilities there would have been if the ancient Hungarian forefathers hadn’t headed west from their ancient home in Western Siberia; what if they had gone to the east or the south instead. The material on this record shows that the richness and universality of original Hungarian folk music are traits which make it possible to embed it in the old and new musical languages of other cultures, in the practice of the world music of our times and the electronic world of the future.” Irén Lovász

Irén Lovász - vocal, music
László Hortobágyi - music

1.Regörejtem / Regörejtem
2.Csodaszarvas / Miracle Stag
3.Napfelkelte / Sunrise
4.Égi bárányka / Celestial Lambkin
5.Liliomszál / Lily
6.Dehóremeróma / Dehóremeróma
7.Árva leány / Orphaned Maiden
8.Megvirjada / Dawnbreak
9.Császárné pávája / Queen's Peacock
10.Három kövű malom / Millstones
11.Két szép szeretőm / On My Two Lovers
12.Szerelemkígyó / Serpent of Love
13.Egy szál konkoly / Unblemished
14.Útravaló / Valediction
15.Még a fák is sírnak / Trees Aweeping
16.Magam sorsa / On My Own Fate
17.Certamen / Certamen
18.Kháron ladikja / Charon's Ferry
19.Áldomás / Toast for Blessing
20.Víg légy gazda / Rejoice Master
21.Egy vánkoson / On One Pillow
22.Szemen szedett gyöngy / Pearls of Eyes
23.Kata / Kata
24.Lululárom / Lululárom
25.Hollóének / Raven Song
26.Vessünk számot / Evening Prayer
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