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Life (2CD) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Life’s eponymous album, issued in 1970, is one of the most sought-after Swedish progressive albums.
The album describes the cycle of love in life ; it boasts tight, melodic songs underpinned by tough drums and lacerating guitars. The trio were supplemented by psychedelic-flavoured string arrangements.
Although recorded in and released in Swedish, 800 copies were manufactured in 1971 of an English-language version of the album for the export market. RPM International’s reissue brings them together for the first time and adds the tracks from Life's non-album singles.
Life was produced by Anders Henriksson, fresh from just having completed the legendary prog album by Quatermass at Abbey Road. Before that, Henriksson had been the long-term producer of Sweden's Tages
Issued with the cooperation of EMI Sweden, RPM International’s reissue of the Life album includes input from band member Anders Nordh.
Specially remastered from EMI Sweden’s archived master tapes
The Swedish-language version of the album – the original version – has never previously been reissued, and makes up Disc 1 plus the bonus singles.
This is the first-ever CD reissue of the English-language version of the album outside Sweden, and here makes up Disc 2 . There are notable track time differences between many of the English language versions and the Swedish language versions.

- Anders Nordh / guitar, piano, organ, bass, vocals, synthesizer
- Paul Sundlin / bass, 12-string acoustic guitar, piano, vocals
- Thomas Rydberg / drums, percussion

Guest musicians:
- Björn Jason Lindh / strings arrangements
- Swedish Radio Orchestra

1.Quo Vadis (I)
2.Jag Stod Ensam Pa Min Vag
3.De Va' Sa Langesen!
4.Karlekens Sprák
5.Hon Vandrar Over Rummet - Pa Jordens Klot
6.En Bit Av Evigheten
7.Quo Vadis (II)
8.Att Leva Är Att Älska
9.Varje Man
10.Punda' Vidare
11.En Av Oss
13.En Gang I Tiden
14.Quo Vadis (III)
15.Jag Fardas
16.To the Country
17.Tro Pa Var Varld
1.Quo Vadis (I)
2.Nobody Was There To Love Me
3.Many Years Ago
4.Experience of Love
5.She Walks Across the Room
6.Sailing in the Sunshine
7.Quo Vadis (II)
8.Living is Loving
9.Every Man
10.Experience of Love
11.One of us
12.Yes, I Am
13.Once Upon a Time
14.Quo Vadis (III)
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RETROD 929 CD 1970   17.00