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Hammill, Peter / Lucas, Gary
Great Britain / USA
Otherworld (LP) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Antenna are pleased to announce the release of the eagerly awaited new studio collaborative album by PETER HAMMILL & GARY LUCAS. Peter Hammill’s work, both as a solo artist and as part of Van Der Graaf Generator, is legendary, whilst Gary Lucas has worked closely with many great artists and vocalists, including Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) and Jeff Buckley.

Described by Peter as "something quite strange, but strangely powerful”, all the music on "Other World” has been created using nothing more than guitars and Hammill’s unique vocals. Songs and other worldly instrumental tracks create a sonic atmosphere that is unique and spellbinding.

A stunning work, "Other World” is certain to be one of the most unique and atmospheric albums of 2014. This limited edition LP is housed in a gatefold sleeve with a printed inner bag.

- Peter Hammill / vocals
- Gary Lucas / guitars

A side
1.Of Kith & Kin
2.Some Kind of Fracas
3.This is Showbiz
4.Spinning Coins
5.Attar of Roses
B side
3.Black Ice
4.The Kid
5.Built from Scratch
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EANTLP 1026 LP 2014   24.00
Otherworld (CD) progressive

Enlarge this picture!

1.Spinning Coins
2.Some Kind of Fracas
3.Of Kith & Kin
5.Built from Scratch
6.Attar of Roses
7.This is Showbiz
9.Black Ice
10.The Kid
13.Means to an End
14.Slippery Slope
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EANTCD 1026 CD 2014   16.00