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Giles, Giles & Fripp
Great Britain
Cheerful Insanity of Giles,Giles & Fripp progressive

Enlarge this picture! This great album is where it all began for the King Crimson stalwarts. An excellent late 60's album which touches on psychedelic pop, (often compared to early Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd) with jazz influences and a whimsical brand of surreal humour.

Fripps's guitar is on top form on Suite No. 1 and shows the shape of things to come when in 1969 when he and Mike Giles teamed up with Greg Lake and Ian McDonald to form King Crimson. This re-mastered reissue comes with bonus tracks and enhanced artwork and should appeal to all lovers of eccentric late 60'sPsychedelia and fans of King Crimson.

- Pete Giles / bass guitar, vocals
- Michael Giles / drums
- Robert Fripp / guitars

Guest musicians :
- R. Cohen, W. Reid, K. Isaacs, G. Salisbury, B. Pecker & G. Fields / violins
- J. Coulling & R. Patten / violas
- Nicky Hopkins & Mike Hill / keyboards
- C. Tunnell & A. Ford / celli
- C. Hardie & T. Barker / trombones
- The Breakaways / backing vocals

1.North Meadow
2.Newly Weds
3.One In A Million
4.Call Tomorrow
5.Digging My Lawn
6.Little Children
8.Thursday Morning
9.Just George
10.How Do They Know
11.Elephant Song
12.Sun Is Shining
13.Suite No. 1
14.Erudite Eyes
bonus tracks
1.She Is Loaded
2.Thursday Morning
3.Under The Sky
4.One In A Million
5.Newly Weds
6.Thursday Morning
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