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Emerson, Keith
Great Britain
Off the Shelf progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Keith Emerson
Neil Ardley
Simon Phillips
Cozy Powell
The Nice
Levon Helm
Garth Hudson
Pat Travers
John Doukas
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Ron Asprey
Mo Foster

1.Abaddon's Bolero Orchestral
2.Pictures at an Exhibition
3.And Then January
5.Straight Between the Eyes
6.Don't Be Cruel
7.Au Privave
8.Walter L
10.Asian Pear
11.Motor Bikin'
13.Lumpy Gravy
14.Up the Elephant & Round the Castle
15.Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
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ECLEC 2583 CD 2006 / 2017   16.00
At The Movies (3CD) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Keith Emerson / keyboards

1.Nighthawks (Main Title Theme) (2:25)
2.Mean Stalkin' (2:21)
3.The Bust (2:08)
4.Nighthawking (6:18)
5.The Chase (6:03)
6.I'm a Man (4:20)
7.The Chopper (3:04)
8.Tramway (3:26)
9.I'm Comin' in (3:04)
10.Face to Face (2:52)
11.Flight of the Hawk (3:09)
12.Best Revenge - Orchestral Suite (15:28)
13.Playing for Keeps (4:21)
14.The Dreamer (Love Theme) (2:40)
15.Wha'dya Mean (5:04)
16.Outgoing Tide (1:49)
17.For Those Who Win (3:35)
18.The Runner (3:26)
1.Inferno (Main Title) (2:55)
2.Rose's Descent Into The Cellar (4:56)
3.Taxi Ride (Rome) (2:13)
4.The Library (0:55)
5.Sarah In the Library Vaults (1:15)
6.Bookbinder's Delight (1:09)
7.Rose Leaves The Apartment (3:28)
8.Rose Gets It (2:07)
9.Elisa's Story (1:07)
10.A Cat Attic Attack (3:11)
11.Kazanian's Tarantella (3:31)
12.Mark's Discovery (1:21)
13.Mater Tenebrarum (2:36)
14.Inferno Finale (2:23)
15.Cigarettes, Ices, Etc (2:49)
16.Inferno Extras (10:15)
17.La Chiesa (The Church - Main Theme) (3:56)
18.The Possession (2:28)
19.Prelude 24 (2:21)
20.La Chiesa Revisited (4:23)
21.Murderock (2:46)
22.Not So Innocent (3:32)
23.Prelude To Candice (1:45)
24.Don't Go In The Shower (1:05)
25.Coffee Time (2:32)
26.Candice (3:38)
27.New York Dash (1:32)
28.Tonight Is Not Your Night (1:12)
29.The Spillone (1:50)
1.Harmagedon (Theme Of The Floi) (3:35)
2.Jo And Michiko (2:44)
3.Sonny's Skate State (4:14)
4.Zamedy Stomp (2:59)
5.Challenge Of the Psionic Fighter (4:12)
6.Children Of the Light (3:59)
7.Godzilla Vs. Gotengo (1:51)
8.Godzilla Final Wars Titles (2:59)
9.EDF Headquarters Fight (1:37)
10.EDF Museum (1:18)
11.Infant Island (2:00)
12.Rodan Attacks NYC (4:14)
13.Earth Defense Forces Theme (2:45)
14.Motorcycle Battle (2:49)
15.Godzilla Awakens (1:51)
16.Love Theme (1:28)
17.Monster Zero Theme (2:14)
18.Cruising The Cirro Stratus (2:44)
19.Godzilla Theme (1:20)
20.Godzilla Final Wars End Titles (4:41)
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ECLEC 32460 CD 2005   27.00
Changing States progressive

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of the 1995 solo album by KEITH EMERSON, "Changing States”.

One of his most consistent solo works, the album featured Keith on classic form on pieces such as ‘Shelter from the Rain’, ‘Another Frontier’ (originally recorded by Emerson, Lake & Palmer as ‘Changing States’), ‘Montagues and Capulets’, and possibly the definitive version of the classic ‘Abaddon’s Bolero’ recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Unavailable for many years, "Changing States” has been newly remastered and features an illustrated booklet with essay.

- Keith Emerson / keyboards
- Mike Barsimanto / drums (2,5,6,8)
- Marc Bonilla / guitars (1,4,10)
- Gary Cirimelli / vocals (1,4,10)
- Kevin Gilbert / bass,drums (1,4,10), choir director (1),tuba solo (9),nylon guitar (3)
- Tim Peirce / guitar (2,6,8)
- Jerry Watts / bass (2,5,6,8)
- London Philharmonic Orchestra under the leadership of John Mayer / orchestra (9)

1.Shelter From The Rain
2.Another Frontier
4.The Band Keeps Playing
6.The Church
8.Montagues and Capulets
9.Abaddons Bolero (Orchestral version)
10.The Band Keeps Playing (Aftershock mix)
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ECLEC 2440 CD 1995   17.00