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Bruce, Jack
Great Britain
Silver Rails CD jazz-rock fusion

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Antenna is proud to announce the release of the eagerly awaited new studio album by the legendary JACK BRUCE, one of the greatest popular musicians Britain has ever produced. A supremely talented instrumentalist and vocalist, eminently respected by his peers, Jack’s pioneering bass playing style has influenced successive generations of bassists, including such luminaries as Paul McCartney, Jaco Pastorius and Sting, alongside more contemporary musicians such as Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He is also the possessor of one of the most powerful voices in modern music and a composer of some of the most original and influential music of the past forty-five years. As a songwriter he has written some of popular music’s enduring classics such as ‘Sunshine of Your Love’, ‘White Room’, ‘I Feel Free’ and ‘Theme from an Imaginary Western’.

"Silver Rails” is Jack’s first studio album in ten years, recorded at the world famous Abbey Road studios.Produced by Rob Cass, "Silver Rails” is a splendid collection of carefully crafted songs written in partnership with lyricists Pete Brown, Kip Hanrahan and Margrit Seyffer. He is joined on the album by a host of celebrated instrumentalists including Phil Manzanera, Robin Trower, Bernie Marsden, Uli Jon Roth, John Medeski, Malcolm Bruce and Cindy Blackman Santana. "Silver Rails” is the next chapter in the recorded legacy of one of popular music’s most respected innovators.

- Jack Bruce / bass, vocals
- Cindy Blackman Santana / drums
- John Medeski / keyboards

- Phil Manzanera / guitar
- Robin Trower / guitar
- Bernie Marsden / guitar
- Uli Jon Roth / guitar
- Malcolm Bruce / guitar

2.Reach for the Night
3.Fields of Forever
4.Hidden Cities
5. Don't Look Now
6.Rusty Lady
7.Industrial Child
9.Keep it Down
10.No Surrender
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EANTCD 1028 CD 2014   17.00
Monkjack jazz-rock fusion

Enlarge this picture!
Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a newly remastered edition of the classic 1995 Jack Bruce album "Monkjack”. Originally released on the CMP label, the album was a unique work which saw Jack team up with legendary Hammond Organ player BERNIE WORRELL (of Parliament and Funkadelic fame).

"Monkjack” was critically acclaimed upon its release and featured re-workings of Jack’s classic songs, along with new material, all re-arranged for a duo with Jack Bruce on Vocals and Piano and Bernie Worrell on Hammond B3 Organ.

This Esoteric Recordings release has been newly remastered and features a booklet that restores the original album artwork.

- Jack Bruce / vocals, piano
- Bernie Worrell / Hammond B3 Organ

1.The Food (Bruce/Hanrahan) (4:09)
2.The Boy (Bruce/Hart) (3:52)
3.Shouldn't We? (Bruce) (2:56)
4.David's Harp (Bruce/Hanrahan) (3:51)
5.Time Repairs (Bruce/Brown) (3:32)
6.Laughing on Music Street (Bruce/Brown) (7:53)
7.Know One Blues (Bruce) (2:15)
8.Folk Song (Bruce/Brown) (5:16)
9.Weird of Hermiston (Bruce/Brown) (3:21)
10.Tightrope (Bruce/Hart) (5:39)
11.Third Degree (Boyd/Dixon) (3:34)
12.Immortal Ninth (Bruce) (5:07)
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ECLEC 2429 CD 1995   17.00
Cities Of The Heart (2CD) jazz-rock fusion

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of "Cities of the Heart”, a stunning live album by Jack Bruce, recorded in November 1993 at the E-Werk in Cologne, Germany. The set features highlights of Jack Bruce’s 50th Birthday Concerts which would see him joined on stage by such legendary musicians as GINGER BAKER, GARY MOORE, DICK HECKSTALL-SMITH, CLEM CLEMPSON, PETE BROWN, SIMON PHILLIPS, BERNIE WORRELL, MAGGIE REILLY and many more.

The magical sets included seminal songs from his career as a solo artist and the songs he wrote for the legendary CREAM including ‘NSU’, ‘Politician’, ‘Sunshine of Your Love’, ‘Smiles & Grins’, ‘Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out of Tune’ and ‘Theme from an Imaginary Western’.

This Esoteric Recordings release has been newly remastered and features a lavish illustrated booklet with new essay that restores the original album artwork.

- Jack Bruce / vocals, bass, piano
- Maggie Reilly / vocals
- Gary "Mudbone" Cooper / vocals, percussion
- Gary Moore / guitar, vocals
- Clem Clempson / guitars
- Dick Heckstall-Smith / saxophones
- Art Themen / saxophone
- Henry Lowther / trumpet
- John Mumford / trombone
- Bernie Worrell / hammond organ, piano
- Jonas Bruce / piano, keyboards
- Malcolm Bruce / acoustic guitar, keyboards
- Francois Garny / bass
- Ginger Baker / drums
- Simon Phillips / drums
- Gary Husband / drums, keyboards
- Pete Brown / vocals, percussion
- Kip Hanrahan / himself

1.Can You Follow? (1:56)
2.Running Thro' Our Hands (4:13)
3.Over the Cliff (3:46)
4.Statues (7:37)
5.First Time I Met the Blues (4:47)
6.Smiles & Grins (9:48)
7.Bird Alone (9:56)
8.Neighbor, Neighbor (5:32)
9.Born Under a Bad Sign (6:17)
1.Ships in the Night (5:20)
2.Never Tell your Mother She's Out of Tune (4:19)
3.Theme for an Imaginary Western (6:00)
4.Golden Days (5:38)
5.Life On Earth (5:21)
6.NSU (6:29)
7.Sitting On Top of the World (6:52)
8.Politician (5:39)
9.Spoonful (9:13)
10.Sunshine of Your Love (8:07)
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ECLEC 22428 CD 1994   20.00
Question of Time jazz-rock fusion

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Recordings is pleased to announce the release of the classic 1989 album A Question Of Time by Jack Bruce. The album was a marked return to prominence of Jack Bruce and featured a collection of marvellous material. With an impressive cast of guest musicians such as Ginger Baker, Tony Williams, Allan Holdsworth, Bernie Worrell, Vernon Reid & Albert Collins, Jack produced an album which is regarded as one of his finest. This Esoteric reissue has been re-mastered from the original master tapes, features a new essay and restores the original album artwork.

- Jack Bruce / vocals, synthesizer, bass, keyboards, harmonica, guild ashbory bass, acoustic guitar, cello
- Vernon Reid / guitar
- Jimmy Ripp / guitars, slide guitar
- Dougie Bowne / drums, percussion
- Bernie Worrell / piano, synthesizers, backing vocals, hammond organ, melodica, clavinet
- Gary "Bone" Cooper / backing vocals, percussion
- Mark Nauseef / ghanian drums, percussion
- Steve Jordan / percussion
- Paul Barrere / slide guitar
- The Savage Horns / horns
- Ginger Baker / drums
- Margrit Bruce / party favor
- Albert Collins / guitar
- Nicky Hopkins / piano
- Alan Holdsworth / guitars, synthaxe
- Vivian Campbell / guitars
- Tony Williams / drums
- Zakir Hussain / tabla, money frame-drum
- Jonas Bruce / piano
- The Golden Gate Boys Choir / vocals
- The SoMa Footlights Chorus / vocals
- Malcolm Bruce / guitars

1.Life On Earth
2.Make Love
3.No Surrender
5.Hey Now Princess
6.Blues You Can't Lose
9.Let Me Be
10.Only Playing Games
11.A Question Of Time
12.Grease The Wheels
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ECLEC 2270 CD 1989   17.00
Automatic jazz-rock fusion

Enlarge this picture! Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the first ever CD release of Jack Bruce's 1983 album 'Automatic'. Never released outside of Europe, the album saw Jack explore the world of electronic keyboards alongside his more traditional approach to music making. A solo album in the true sense of the word, 'Automatic' was recorded at Pink Floyd's Britannia Row studios with Jack overdubbing most of the instrumentation himself. Featuring such outstanding tracks as ‘Make Love (Part II)', ‘Encore', ‘Green and Blue', ‘Swarm' and ‘Automatic Pilot', the release of the album on CD is a welcome event for the scores of Jack Bruce fans who have been eagerly awaiting its digital appearance for many years.

1.Make Love (Part II)
2.Uptown Breakdown
3.Travelling Child
4.New World
5.E. Boogie
6.Green And Blue
9.Automatic Pilot
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ECLEC 2116 CD 1983   17.00