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Earth and Fire
To The World Of The Future progressive

Enlarge this picture! Classic 1975 album by Dutch Progressive Rock group EARTH & FIRE, To the World of the Future . Featuring charismatic vocalist JERNEY KAAGMAN (one of the few female vocalists in 70s Prog Rock), EARTH & FIRE was one of the finest bands to emerge from Holland in the early 1970s. Scoring a series of international hits, by 1975 the band had begun to adopt the use of synthesisers alongside the Mellotron in their music. One of their final concept albums, To The World of the Future wasDutch hit upon its release in April 1975.

This Esoteric Recordings reissue is newly re-mastered and fully restores the original album artwork. This edition also includes five bonus tracks taken from the band’s singles released between June 1974 and February 1976.

- Theo Hurts / bass, acoustic guitar, arrangement
- Jerney Kaagman / lead vocals
- Ton van de Kleij / drums, xylophone, percussion, bell tree
- Chris Koerts / acoustic & electric guitars, Arp Odyssey synth, vocals, arrangement
- Gerard Koerts / organ, acoustic & electric pianos, Mellotron, clavinet, synthesizers, virginal, arrangement percussion, bell tree

1.To The World Of The Future
2.How Time Flies
3.The Last Seagull
4.Only Timewill Tell
5.Voice From Yonder
6.Love Of Life
bonus tracks
1.Tuffy The Cat
3.Thanks For The Love
4.Excerpts from To The World Of The Future
5.What Difference Does It Make
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ECLEC 2279 CD 1975   17.00