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Ballad Of A Rock'n'Roll Loser progressive

Enlarge this picture! Funky rhythms, wailing guitar and catchy tunes provided the winning formula for this dynamic Norwegian outfit, who were inspired by groups like Santana and Traffic. They had a big smash hit with Sultana earlier in their career and went on to record several excellent albums, including this 1975 classic packed with entertaining songs and two bonus tracks – the single “Sliding Down Again” and its B-side.

Roy Robinson: vocals
John Williamson: guitar
Andrew Poulton: drums
Janny Loseth: guitar
Kjell Asperud: percussion

1.Riding Shotgun On My Soul
2.Honky Vagrant
3.Ballad Of A Rock ‘n’ Roll Loser
4.The Crippler
6.Following A Line
7.Buckshee Woman
8.Gambler Dealer
9.Only When I Fly Alone
10.Don’t Turn Around
1.Sliding Down Again
2.Rock ‘n’ Roll Loser
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REPCD 4882 CD 1975   14.00
Eagle Rock progressive

Enlarge this picture! With an exciting stage show and hard driving rock, the extensive use of funky organ, a strong guitar front line and powerhouse drumming, the Santana-influenced Titanic became one of the most popular touring bands of the early 70s with success in Germany, England and France. They also made a strong impression in America. This CD includes the original album contents plus 4 bonus tracks from their 1972 and 1974 singles.

- Roy Robinson / vocals
- Helge Groslie / keyboards
- Janne Loseth / guitar
- Kjell Asperud / percussion
- John Lorck / drums
- Arica Siggs / bass

1.One Night In Eagle Rock
2.All Around You
3.One Of Your Kind
4.Heia Valenga
5.Dying Sun
6.And It’s Music
7.Richmond Express
9.The Skeleton
bonus tracks
1.Rain 2000
4.Midnight Sadness
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REPCD 4881 CD 1973   14.00
Sea Wolf progressive

Enlarge this picture! A most intriguing CD for all fans and students of Euro rock is this timely re-issue of the classic 1971 album ‘Sea Wolf’ by Norwegian band Titanic. The sea wolves were the Vikings who once sailed the seas in search of plunder and such legends certainly provided inspiration for the boys from Oslo. In fact the group had an English lead singer and Roy Robinson gives an international flavour to much of the music. ‘Sea Wolf’ is the opening cut and is followed by a further nine self-written items which show that Titanic were one of the hottest group of the early Seventies. Watch out for the bonus track ‘Sing Fool Sing.’ Includes the smash hit ‘Sultana’ (UKNo.5).

- Kenny Aas / Organ
- Kjell Asperud / Drums
- John Lorck / Drums
- Janne Loseth / Guitar
- Roy Robinson / Vocals

1.Sea Wolf
5.Hanging Over
6.Covered In Dust
7.A Stone’s Thrown
10.Sing Fool Sing
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REPCD 4842 CD 1971   14.00
Titanic progressive

Enlarge this picture! - Kenny Aas / Organ
- Kjell Asperud / Drums
- John Lorck / Drums
- Janne Loseth / Guitar
- Roy Robinson / Vocals

2.Love Is Love
3.Mary Jane
4.Cry For A Beatle
5.Something On My Mind
7.Schizmatic Mind
8.I See No Reason
9.Half Breed
10.Santa Fe
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REPCD 4909 CD 1970   15.00