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Brown, Pete / Ryan, Phil
Great Britain
Perils Of Wisdom rock

Enlarge this picture! Pete Brown (vocals and percussion)
Phil Ryan (keyboards)
Annie Whitehead (trombone)
Lee Goodall (saxophones)
Alan Weekes (guitar)
John McKenzie (bass)
Jeff Allen (drums)
Helen Hardy (vocals)
Rietta Austin (vocals)
Nixon Rosembert (bass - #1,3

1.No Time Left For Good Time
2.With A Girl Like You I Can Clean Up The City
3.Eva's Blues
4.For You
5.How About It?
7.Don't Want Nothing Old In My Life
8.The Bait
9.Nobody Knows
10.Living In The Sleaz System
11.Go Down Fighting
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Ardours of the Lost Rake / Coals to Jerusalem (2CD) rock

Enlarge this picture!

CD1 - Ardours of the Lost Rake
1.Mr. Night
2.Weather News
3.They Call Me the Blob
4.Hard to Say
5.Money Hymn
6.London's Burning
7.The World and Arthur
8.What'll it Be?
9.Here it Comes Again
CD2 - Coals to Jerusalem
1.Ordinary Man
2.Brain Money
3.Armoured Priest
4.Don't Take Your Fish To The Swimming Pool
5.A Hint Of Blonde
6.Pratlinu Rides Again
7.Consuming Passions
8.I Begin With You
9.Holy Smoke
10.Dark City
11.That's Me, I'm A Winner
12.International Fear Cocktail
bonus tracks
1.Computer Generated Woman
2.Between Us
3.Liverpool Echoes
4.Time Travelling Man
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