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Climax Blues Band
Great Britain
Live Rare & Raw 1973-1979 (3CD) blues rock rock

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1.All The Time In The World (Live At The Marquee Club London 1973)
2.I Am Constant (Live At The Marquee Club London 1973)
3.Seventh Son (Live At The Marquee Club London 1973)
4.Mesopopmania (Live At The Marquee Club London 1973)
5.So Many Roads (Live At The Marquee Club London 1973)
6.Shake Your Love/That's All (Live At The Marquee Club London 1973
7.All The Time In The World (Live In New Jersey 1974)
8.Seventh Son (Live In New Jersey 1974)
1.Flight (Live In New Jersey 1974)
2.So Many Roads (Live In New Jersey 1974)
3.Country Hat (Live In New Jersey 1974)
4.Shake Your Love (Live In New Jersey 1974)
5.Going To New York (Live In New Jersey 1974)
6.Let's Work Together (Live In New Jersey 1974)
7.One More Time - Stormy Monday (Live In New Jersey 1974)
8.Together And Free (Live In Guildford 1976)
9.Amerita / Sense Of Direction (Live In Guildford 1976)
1.Chasing Change (Live In Guildford 1976)
2.Using The Power (Live In Guildford 1976)
3.Couldn't Get It Right (Live In Guildford 1976)
4.Going To New York (Live In Guildford 1976)
5.All The Time In The World (Live In Guildford 1976)
6.Get Back (Live In Guildford 1976)
7.Money In Your Pocket (Live In Miami 1979)
8.Summer Rain (Live In Miami 1979)
9.Amerita/Sense Of Direction (Live In Miami 1979)
10.Evil (Live In Miami 1979)
11.Fallen In Love (For The Very Last Time) (Live In Miami 1979)
12.Seventh Son/Got My Mojo Working (Live In Miami 1979)
13.Whatcha Feel (Live In Miami 1979)
14.All The Time In The World/Get Back (Live In Miami 1979)
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REPUK 1243 CD 2014   21.00
Couldn't Get It Right blues rock rock

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1.Couldn't Get It Right
2.Reap What I've Sowed (single version)
3.Looking for My Baby
4.Like Uncle Charly
5.Reaching Out (single version)
6.Milwaukee Truckin' Blues (chipper's song)
7.That's All
8.Mole on the Dole
9.Towards the Sun
10.Loving Machine
11.Hey Mama
13.Using the Power (single version)
14.I Am Constant
15.Sky High
16.Berlin Blues
18.Shoot Her If She Runs
19.If You Wanna Know
20.Shake Your Love
21.Hey Baby Everything's Gonna Be Alright Yeah Yeah Yeah
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REPCD 4802 CD 2005   14.00
25 Years (2CD) blues rock rock

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1.Don't Start Me Talking
2.Wee Baby Blues
4.Hey Baby Everything's Gonna Be Alright
5.Louisiana Blues
7.That's All
8.Shoot Her If She Runs
9.Rich Man
10.Hole On The Dole
11.Standing By A River
12.Let's Work Together
13.Losing The Humbles
14.Shopping Bag People
15.Running Out Of Time
16.Mighty Fire
1.Together And Free
2.Couldn't Get It Right
3.Watcha Feel
4.Like A Movie
5.Children Of The Nighttime
6.Gotta Have More Love
7.I Love You
8.Cutting Up Rough
9.The Last Chance Saloon
10.Friends In High Places
11.Listen To The Night
12.The Movie Queen
13.California Sunshine
14.Ordinary People
15.Fool For The Bright Lights
16.Don't Start Me Talking (Live)
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REPCD 4310 CD 1994   15.50
Blues from the Attic blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Bass Guitar – Neil Simpson (3)
Drums – Roy Adams
Engineer – Chas Watkins*
Guitar, Backing Vocals – Lester Hunt*
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – George Glover
Vocals, Saxophone, Harp, Producer – Colin Cooper

1.Fool For The Brightlights
2.Chasin Change
3.Don't Start Me Talking
4.Take Me Back To Georgia
5.So Many Roads
6.The Seventh Son
7.The Last Chance Saloon
8.The Movie Queen
9.Towards The Sun
10.Couldn't Get It Right
12.Going To New York / Money
13.Let's Work Together
14.Let The Good Times Roll
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REPCD 5276 CD 1993   15.50
Drastic Steps blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Colin Cooper, vocals, saxophone, harmonica, guitar
George Glover, keyboards, backing vocals
Roy Adams, drums
Lester Hunt, guitar, backing vocals
Derek Holt, bass

1.California Sunshine
2.Lonely Avenue
3.The Deceiver
4.Ordinary People
5.The Winner
6.Couldn't Get It Right
7.Fool For The Bright Lights
8.Good Times
10.American Dream
bonus track
1.Coudn't Get It Right (extended 88' mix)
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REPCD 5275 CD 1988   15.50
Sample and Hold blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Bass – Dave Markee
Drums – Henry Spinetti
Keyboards, Vocals – George Glover
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Peter Haycock
Saxophone, Vocals – Colin Cooper

1.Friends In High Places
2.Sign Of The Times
3.Walking On Sunset
5.Movie Queen
6.Heaven And Hell
7.Listen To The Night
8.Doin' Alright
9.I'm Ready
10.The End Of The Seven Stars
bonus track
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REPCD 5203 CD 1983   14.00
Lucky For Some blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Piano [Acoustic] – Nicky Hopkins
Vocals, Drums, Percussion – John Cuffley
Vocals, Guitar – Peter Haycock*
Vocals, Keyboards, Bass Guitar – Derek Holt
Vocals, Saxophone – Colin Cooper

2.Cuttin' Up Rough
3.Shake It Lucy
4.Oceans Apart
7.This Time You're The Singer
8.Last Chance Saloon
9.They'd Never Believe Us
bonus track
1.Darlin' (single version)
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REPCD 5209 CD 1981   15.00
Flying the Flag blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Arranged By [Strings] – David Campbell (tracks: 4, 6)
Art Direction – Tim Ritchie (2)
Artwork [Re-issue] – Pete Hayward
Backing Vocals – Clydene Jackson (tracks: 1, 2), Julia Waters (tracks: 1, 2), Maxine Waters (tracks: 1, 2)
Bass Guitar – Derek Holt
Cover – Tsunehisa Kimura
Design – Tim Ritchie (2)
Drums – John Cuffley
Engineer – Bill Drescher
Engineer [2nd] – Tori Swenson
Guitar – Peter Haycock*
Harmonica – Colin Cooper
Keyboards – Derek Holt
Keyboards [Additional] – Nicky Hopkins (tracks: 4, 6, 8, 9)
Liner Notes – Chris Welch
Management – Tony Brinsley*
Percussion – John Cuffley
Photography By – Olivier Ferrand
Producer – John Ryan
Saxophone – Colin Cooper
Synthesizer – Gabriel Katona (tracks: 1, 5)
Synthesizer [Guitar] – Peter Haycock*
Vocals – Colin Cooper, Derek Holt, Peter Haycock*

1.Gotta Have More Love
2.So Good After Midnight
4.I Love You
5.Hold On To Your Heart
6.Dance The Night Away
7.Money Talkin'
8.Blackjack And Me
9.Nothing But Starlight
10.One For Me And You
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REPCD 5211 CD 1980   15.00
Real To Real blues rock rock

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1.Summer Rain
2.Money In Your Pocket
3.Children Of The Nightime
4.Long Distance Love
5.Lovin' Wheel
6.Fallen In Love (For The Very Last Time)
7.Fat City
8.Crazy World
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REPCD 5212 CD 1979   15.00
Shine On blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Alto Saxophone – Colin Cooper (tracks: 1, 2, 5, 6, 9)
Artwork [Cover Art] – Time Design Associates
Artwork [Designed By] – John Cuffley
Artwork [Re-issue] – Pete Hayward
Backing Vocals – Colin Fairley (tracks: 2), Derek Holt (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 to 9), Peter Haycock* (tracks: 1, 4, 5, 8, 9), Peter Filleul (tracks: 2)
Backing Vocals [Girl Singers] – Helen Chappelle (tracks: 4), Joy Yates (tracks: 4), Liza Strike (tracks: 4), Madeline Bell (tracks: 4)
Bass Guitar – Derek Holt (tracks: 1 to 5, 7 to 9), Peter Haycock* (tracks: 6)
Design [Cover] – John Cuffley
Dobro – Peter Haycock* (tracks: 1, 9)
Drums – John Cuffley
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Derek Holt (tracks: 1, 6, 9), Peter Filleul (tracks: 2, 3, 7)
Engineer – Peter Henderson
Engineer [Assistant] – Colin Fairley, John Walls*
Harmonium – Peter Filleul (tracks: 4)
Lead Guitar – Peter Haycock* (tracks: 1 to 5, 7 to 9)
Lead Vocals – Colin Cooper (tracks: 1, 4, 5, 7 to 9), Derek Holt (tracks: 6), Peter Haycock* (tracks: 2, 3, 6)
Liner Notes – Chris Welch
Organ [Hammond] – Derek Holt (tracks: 6)
Percussion – John Cuffley (tracks: 2, 5)
Photography – Angus McCoatup, Anthony Hugh Brinsley, Bo Overlock, Charles Louis D'Ince, Christopher Runciman, Derek Holt, Jim Nastix, Jock Ularity, Joe V. Ality, John Cuffley, Percy Veering, Rory Kroot, Stan Dingup
Photography [Back Photo] – Sam Emerson
Piano – Peter Filleul (tracks: 8)
Producer – Climax*, Peter Henderson
Rhythm Guitar – Peter Haycock* (tracks: 5 to 7)
Slide Guitar – Peter Haycock* (tracks: 8)
Tenor Saxophone – Colin Cooper (tracks: 2)

1.Makin' Love
2.Mistress Moonshine
3.When Talking Is Too Much Trouble
4.The Gospel Singer
5.Whatcha Feel
7.Like A Movie
8.Champagne & Rock 'N Roll
9.Makin' Love (edit)
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REPCD 5202 CD 1978   14.00
Live At Rockpalast (CD+DVD) blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Peter Haycock
Colin Cooper
John Cuffley
Derek Holt
Richard Jones

1.I Am Constant
2.Amerita / Sense of Direction
3.Running Out of Time
4.Country Hat
5.Come on in My Kitchen
6.Using the Power
7.Going to New York
8.Seventh Son
9.All the Time in the World / Get Back
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REPCD 5282 CD 1976   24.00
Gold Plated blues rock rock

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1.Together And Free
2.Mighty Fire
3.Chasing Chase
4.Berlin Blues
5.Couldn't Get It Right
6.Rollin' Home
7.Sav'ry Gravy
bonus tracks
1.Fat Mabellene (B-side of single)
2.Together And Free (single edit)
3.Chasin' Change (extended take)
4.Shadow Man (previously unreleased)
5.Couldn't Get It Right (BBC Radio One John Peel Session)
6.Chasin' Change (BBC Radio One John Peel Session)
7.Together And Free (BBC Radio One John Peel Session)
8.Mighty Fire (BBC Radio One John Peel Session)
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ECLEC 2408 CD 1976   17.00
Stamp Album blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! COLIN COOPER (Vocals, Saxophones, Harmonica)
PETE HAYCOCK (Guitar, Vocals)
RICHARD JONES (Keyboards, Guitar, Bass)
DEREK HOLT (Bass, Guitar, Vocals)

1.Using The Power
2.Mr. Goodtime
3.I Am Constant
4.Running Out Of Time
5.Sky High
6.Rusty Nail / The Devil Knows
7.Loosen Up
8.Spirit Returning
bonus tracks
1.Before You Reach the Grave
2.Reaching Out (BBC Radio One John Peel Session)
3.Spirit Returning (First Version)
4.Rusty Nail/The Devil Knows (First Mix)
5.I am Constant
6.Running Out of Time (BBC Radio One John Peel Session)
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ECLEC 2407 CD 1975   16.00
FM / Live blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Bass, Drums – Derek Holt
Drums – John Cuffely*
Engineer – John Price (7)
Guitar, Vocals – Pete Haycock
Mastered By – Robert Ludwig*
Mixed By – Jeff Lesser*
Producer – Richard Gottehrer
Saxophone, Guitar, Vocals – Colin Cooper
Written-By – Climax* (tracks: 1 to 3, 5, 7 to 9)

1.All The Time In The World
2.I Am Constant
4.Seventh Son
5.Standing By A River
6.So Many Roads
8.Country Hat
9.You Make Me Sick
10.Shake Your Love
11.Goin' To New York (full version)
12.Let's Work Together
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ECLEC 2387 CD 1973   17.00
Rich Man blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Drums [Uncredited], Percussion [Uncredited] – John Cuffley
Engineer [Uncredited] – Bill Price, John Punter
Producer – Richard Gottehrer
Vocals [Uncredited], Alto Saxophone [Uncredited], Tenor Saxophone [Uncredited], Guitar [Uncredited], Harmonica [Uncredited] – Colin Cooper
Vocals [Uncredited], Bass [Uncredited], Electric Piano [Uncredited] – Derek Holt
Vocals [Uncredited], Lead Guitar [Uncredited] – Pete Haycock
Written-By [Uncredited] – Climax Blues Band, Richard Gottehrer (tracks: 5)

1.Rich Man
2.Mole On The Dole
3.You Make Me Sick
4.Standing By A River
5.Shake Your Love
6.All The Time In The World
7.If You Wanna Know
8.Don't You MInd People Grinning In Your Face
9.Like Uncle Charlie
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REPCD 4045 CD 1972   13.00
A Lot of Bottle blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Drums – George Ewart Newsome
Engineer – Bill Price
Engineer [Assistant] – Chris Michie (2)
Keyboards – Arthur Wood*, Humpty Farmer
Photography By [Photos] – Allan James*
Producer – Chris Thomas
Vocals, Bass – Derek Holt
Vocals, Guitar – Pete Haycock
Vocals, Saxophone, Harmonica – Colin Cooper

1.Country Hat
3.Reap What I've Sowed
4.Brief Case
5.Alright Blue?
6.Country Hat (Reprise)
7.Seventh Son
8.Please Don't Help Me
9.Morning Noon And Night
10.Long Lovin' Man
11.Louisiana Blues
12.Cut You Loose
13.Loving' Machine
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REPCD 4046 CD 1970   13.00
Plays On blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Bass Guitar, Mellotron – Derek Holt
Design – Chris Thomas
Drums – George Newsome*
Engineer – Jeff Jarratt
Keyboards – Arthur Wood*
Liner Notes – Carlo Wolff
Producer – Chris Thomas
Vocals, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Harmonica, Whistle [Bamboo] – Colin Cooper
Vocals, Guitar – Peter Haycock

2.Hey Baby, Everything's Gonna Be Alright, Yeh Yeh Yeh
3.Cubano Chant
4.Little Girl
5.Mum's The Word
6.Twenty Past Two / Temptation Rag
7.So Many Roads, So Many Trains
8.City Ways
9.Crazy 'Bout My Baby
bonus tracks
1.Like Uncle Charlie
2.Loving Machine
3.Dance of the Mountain King's Daughter
4.Flight (First Mix)
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ECLEC 2374 CD 1969   16.00
Climax Chicago Blues Band blues rock rock

Enlarge this picture! Bass Guitar – Richard Jones (10)
Drums – George Newsome*
Engineer – Geoff Emerick, Jeff Jarratt
Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals – Peter Haycock*
Piano, Organ, Celesta [Celeste], Harmonium – Arthur Wood*
Producer – Chris Thomas
Rhythm Guitar, Organ, Bass Guitar – Derek Holt
Vocals, Harmonica – Colin Cooper

1.Mean Old World
3.Going Down This Road
4.You've Been Drinking
5.Don't Start Me Talking
6.Wee Baby Blues
7.Twenty Past One
8.A Stranger In Your Town
9.How Many More Years
10.Looking For My Baby
11.And Lonely
12.The Entertainer
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REPCD 5161 CD 1969   14.00