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Great Britain
Neil's Heavy Concept Album rock

Enlarge this picture! Bryson Graham – heavy metal drummer
Gavin Harrison – flash studio drummer
Pip Pyle – drunken cabaret drummer
Jakko Jakszyk – heavy and psychedelic guitarist
Dave Stewart – keyboardist, heavy metal bassist, useless drummer and fifties guitarist
Rick Biddulph – cabaret bass & Rickenbacker 12 string
Beautiful Acoustic Musicians[edit]
Jimmy Hastings – flute, saxophone and piccolo
Annie Whitehead – trombone
Barbara Gaskin – backing vocals
Ted Hayton – backing vocals on "Hole in My Shoe"
Rick Biddulph – 12 string guitar

1.Hello Vegetables
2.Hole in My Shoe
3.Heavy Potato Encounter
4.My White Bicycle
5.Neil the Barbarian
6.Lentil Nightmare
7.Computer Alarm
9.The Gnome
10.Cosmic Jam
11.Cassette Jam
12.Brown Sugar
13.Golf Girl
14.Bad Karma in the UK
15.Our Tune
17.The End of the World Cabaret
18.No Future (God Save The Queen)
20.Hurdy Gurdy Man
21.Paranoia Remix
22.The Amoeba Song (From a Very Cellular Song)
23.Go Away
24.Hurdy Gurdy Mushroom Man
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ECLEC 2444 CD 1984 / 2014   16.00