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Great Britain
Starting As We Mean To Go On rock

Enlarge this picture! *Peter Mason - Vocals, Guitars, Bass,
*Ian "Tich" Amey - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel, Mandoline
*John “Beaky” Dymond - Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Mandolina
*Chas O’brien - Vocals, Drums
*Bob Taylor - Bass

1.Don't You Ever Change Your Mind
2.To 50 From 45
3.It Was Me Who Left Her
4.Love's Evening Song
5.You've Gotta Get Up
6.When Freedom Comes
8.It's All Gone Wrong
9.My Country Home
10.J'Ann Here is a Song
11.48 Now to Each Day
12.It's Alright
14.Rise with the Morning
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CRTREE 008 CD 1973   16.00