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Christmas, Keith
Great Britain
Tomorrow Never Ends - Anthology 1974-1976 (2CD) folk rock

Enlarge this picture! Keith Christmas - Congas, Flexatones, Guitars, Tambourine, Vocals,
*Mel Collins - Flute, Horn Arrangements, Saxophones, Soloist
*Steve Cropper - Guitar
*Martin Drower - Trumpet
*Donald "Duck" Dunn - Bass
*Malcolm Griffiths - Trombone
*Andy Hendriksen - Engineer
*Neil Hubbard - Guitar
*Skaila Kanga - Harp
*David Kemper - Drums
*Greg Lake - Producer
*Henry Lowther - Trumpet
*Ian Mcdonald - Piano
*Eddie Mordue - Alto Sax
*David Nicterne - Guitar
*Dean Olch - Flute
*Tommy Reilly - Harmonica
*Darryl Runswick - Bass
*William D. "Smitty" Smith - Keyboards
*Pete Solly - Clavinet, Moog Bass, Piano
*Alan Spenner - Bass
*Cat Stevens - Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
*Snuffy Walden - Guitar
*Wendy Waldmann - Vocals
*Ray Warleigh - Alto Sax

CD1 - Brighter Day 1974
1.Brighter Day
3.Country Farm
4.The Bargees
5.Lovers' Cabaret
6.Robin Head
7.Gettin' Religion
8.Could Do Better
9.Song of a Drifter
10.Brighter Day (first version)
11.Foothills (first version)
12.Robin Head (first version)
13.Lovers' Cabaret (first version)
14.Sweet Changes
15.My Girl
CD2 - Stories from the Human Zoo 1976
1.The Dancer
2.The Nature of the Man
3.3 Golden Rules
4.Souvenir Affair
5.The Last of the Dinosaurs
6.The Astronaut (Who Wouldn't Come Down)
7.High Times
8.Tomorrow Never Ends
9.Life in Babylon
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