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Új Pátria Sorozat
9. Big Christmas, Little Christmas (Transylvanian carols for Christmas and New Year)
(9. Nagykarácsony, Kiskarácsony (Karácsonyi, újévi énekek, névnapi köszöntők))

Enlarge this picture! The Fono Music Hall in Budapest has created the support structure necessary to fund the Utolsó Óra - Final Hour - Program, a comprehensive folk music collection. Professional support for the progam has been provided by the Institute of Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Starting in September 1997, under the direction of folk music researcher László Kelemen, the traditional Transylvanian bands still in existence were brought to Budapest for recording sessions. Each band was at the disposal of the researchers for five days during which time is was possible to record from many of them, almost complete repertoires serving more than one ethnic group. It has also been possible to collect more than simply the vocabulary of melodies, but also to record and document the music, dance, and information regarding related folk customs, which is then transferred to archival CDs. One or two couples of dancers and one or two singers arrived with each band helping to provide the vocal and functional connections to the instrumental music. To satisfy a wider audience, Fonó Records began to publish a series of CDs in 1998 under the name of Új Pátria. These are commercial releases of representative selections of material recorded during the Final Hour Program. Our series follows in the footsteps of the original Pátria series of gramophone records from the end of the 1930’s. The Pátria series was prepared under the direction of Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály and Laszló Lajtha by Hungarian Radio in cooperation with the [Hungarian] Ethnographic Museum. According to our plans, some 45 recordings will be released commercially from the Final Hour Transylvanian collection as a part of the Új Pátria series. The value of these CDs, which are released in book format with photographic illustration, is incalualable.

1.Köszöntő / Greeting
2.Betlehem kis falujába´... / In the little village of Bethlehem
3.Colinda éa batuta / Romanian carol and dance
4.Florile dalbe / His white flower
5.Inaktelki kánta és szapora / Carol and dance from Inucu
6.E Becses éjszaka... / The precious night...
7.Cigány és magyar kánta / Gypsy and Hungarian carol
8.Elindult Szent József... / Saint Joseph set out...
9.Kánta / Carol
10.Elindult Szent József... / Saint Joseph set out...
11.Colinda / Romanian carol
12.Nem sajnálom fáradságom... / Romanian carol
13.Mandra-i seara lui Craciun... / Romanian carol
14.Ustyen, ustyen, mo romále... / Wake up gipsies
15.Cigány kánta / Gypsy carol
16.Zsidó chanuka - ének / Jewish chaunukka - song
17.Dimineata lui craciun... / Christmas morning
18.Úristennek fia... / The son of God...
19.Jézus, megváltó Istenünk... / Jesus, our saving grace...
20.Rigmus / Greeting
21.Sok Szent István napokat... / Many Saint Stephen´s day
22.István-köszöntők / Greetings for Stephen
23.Derül az égnek felvont, szép sátora... / The sky is cleaning beautifully...
24.Sok Szent János napokat... / Many St. John´s days...
25.István-köszöntők / Stephen´s day greetings
26.Hajnal / Dawn Song
27.Ez napon mi megjelentünk... / On this day we have arrived...
28.Újesztendő, lyukas kendő / New Year, kerchief with a hole...
29.Névnapköszöntő / Name day greeting
30.Ez új idő, újesztendő... / This is a new time, a new year
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