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All Out Band
progressive jazz-rock

Enlarge this picture! All Out, the new Hungarian progressive supergroup offers a unique whirling musical journey among styles to everybody who likes quality music.

The music band was founded by the keyboardist Endre Balla (KEP RBB, Balla Quartet, Tompox), who aimed to create a spectacular musical ground that is so unique that it is impossible to describe with one genre. He gathered such well-known musicians of the Hungarian musical scene who all not only can move confidently between styles but also approach their profession with humble feelings.

That is why the vocalist, flutist Sára Dizna Kovács (Samsara Boulevard, Tompox) and the top-level guitarist of Hungary, István Alapi (Edda, Alapi István Band) were asked to join alongside with the bassist László „Zsatyi’ Studniczky (Balla Quartet, Jazz + Az) and the drummer Csaba Pusztai (Kozma Orsi Quartet, Horváth Kornél,). What is more, a brass section, consisting of the saxophonist István Elek (Budapest Jazz Orchestra, Charlie Band) and the trumpeter Ferenc Kovács (Kovács Ferenc Jazz Quintet, Djabe), is also an integral part of the group. In addition to them, László Gőz plays the trombone on one number (Pied Piper), while Kristóf Balla can be heard on keyboards on another song (White Witch) as guests.

The main aim of All Out is to feature every musician equally in the songs. Moreover, due to the common cutaway of the varicolored styles the members represent, a radio-friendly but ambitious production has been created, which can easily grab attention both in Hungary and worldwide.

Magic, the initial album of the band, was recorded throughout 2019. It contains 24 tracks (12 ‘proper’ songs and their 12 transitions), whose lyrics were written by Eszter Molnár (two ones by Bea Tisza). While listening to the musical material composed by Endre Balla and István Alapi, the listener is invited to a mystical, fantasy-like voyage, which is full of archetypical characters, like the White Witch, a Pied Piper, and the Dark-eyed Lady. Their presence gleams in an impressionistic way and adds peculiar tones to the clear-cut musical background.

Moreover, the musical arrangements are also worth mentioning; they incorporate such different genres that the band members represent uniquely; many times, we can find peculiar but coherent style combinations in the songs. Sára Kovács sounds ethereal on several numbers, while on other ones, she shows her edgier and rockier side both on vocals and flute. The keyboards, which nicely presents the vintage tones of the 1970s/1980s, and the virtuoso guitar works are the most determining elements of the material.

1 Intro Extraordinary Creatures (Balla) 2:04
2 Extraordinary Creatures (Balla-Molnár Eszter) 4:39
3 Intro The Travellers (Balla) 0:32
4 The Travellers (Balla-Molnár) 4:52
5 Intro The Hypnotist (Balla) 0:53
6 The Hypnotist (Balla-Molnár) 4:06
7 Intro I’ll Let You Go (Balla) 1:04
8 I’ll Let You Go (Balla-Tisza Bea) 4:49
9 Intro To Break Your Chains (Balla) 0:52
10 To Break Your Chains (Balla-Tisza) 5:13
11 Intro The Herbalist (Balla) 0:39
12 The Herbalist (Balla-Molnár) 3:47
13 Intro Siren Song (Balla) 0:51
14 Siren Song (Balla-Molnár) 5:17
15 Intro White Witch (Alapi) 0:36
16 White Witch (Balla-Molnár) 4:12
17 Intro Into the Woods (Balla) 0:55
18 Into the Woods (Balla-Molnár) 4:33
19 Intro Pied Piper (Balla) 0:43
20 Pied Piper (Balla-Molnár) 5:13
21 Intro World of Beyond (Balla) 0:40
22 World of Beyond (Balla-Molnár) 3:36
23 Intro Dark-eyed Lady (Balla) 0:45
24 Dark-eyed Lady (Balla-Molnár) 5:30

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