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Makám / Lovász Irén
Szindbád folk world music

Enlarge this picture! “What is the depth of soul, of time, what are the far reaches of land this music is coming and this song resounding from? What are hidden in peoples’ minds?
Children might have this passage trough times and peoples and distances because they discover all this in themselves.
What are these spells about? They just murmur and cast a glamour over us… Sounds and sight… hummings and hawings… end-of-the-world cries… They give proportion to the flying-off text sung with light humour as well as strength of comfort and strict accuracy.
Let yourself go – and then you will be taken, taken to where you have always been longing for. For a never-been childhood when unity of the whole world, of universe was still reality and where everything was filled with the never-told… not to be told here either…
All this can only be recalled by that magic of the personal, of the individual. Being called up, attractive beings appear, touch us lightly whit sounding and tone, refer to the distant and the far-off, address it, waken it and revive it.” – Tamás Vekerdy

Zoltán Krulik – guitar, Indian harmonium, piano, vocal
Irén Lovász – vocal
Balázs Thurnay – kaval, tin whistle and Moldavian flute, marimba, earthen drum, vocal
Eszter Krulik – violin, vocal, whistle
Csaba Gyulai – Turkish violin, udu, “big bottoms” drum, percussion, rainstick
Zoltán Kovács – contrabass, cow bells

8.Kis Mózes
10.Tá tia tá
11.A néma halfiú
18.Zöld csoda-fény
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ZPCD 003 CD 2002   14.00
9 Colinda folk world music

Enlarge this picture! Kolinda is the comprehensive name of pastorals as well as Christmas carols, Nativity and new year songs in the Roumanian – and Slavic – speaking countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkan. It has its roots in the Middle Ages, coming from the Latin world calendae. It has been found in Polish manuscripts since the XIIth century. Kolinda texts and functions have never had an exclusively ecclesiastic character. The songs have been of Roumanian children going begging from door to door – just like Christmas carol singers in Hungary – and of Polish people playing the Nativity or tending a flock. Kolinda tunes were treated by Chopin as well as Bartók.

Irén Lovász – voice
István Grencsó – saxophone
Balázs Thurnay – kaval, udu, voice
Eszter Krulik – violin
Zoltán Krulik – guitar, voice
Zoltán Mizsei -- synthesizer, voice
Balázs Horváth – double bass
Csaba Gyulai - percussion

1.Mennyei szép hajnal
2.Hajdan rég
3.Ő jön a szánon
4.Hull a tél haja
6. Ó jöjj, ó jöjj
7.Földből lettünk
8.Mikor a Messiás
9.Hajda szélben
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FA-095-2 CD 2001   14.00