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Baba Yaga
Secret Combination ethno rock

Enlarge this picture! Baba Yaga, as well as being a witch from russian folklore, is the name of a unique international group consisting of irish and hungarian rock musicians and 5 russian folk singers. The highly unusual formation combines british pop music with russian folk. The band has written music wich blends authentic russian folk tunes and instruments seamlessly with rock sounds and harmonies. In addition to their voices, the russian members bring their original cosumes and instruments into the mix. Baba Yaga pairs together folk music from the depth of the russian soul with some serious rock and roll.

Jamie Winchester – guitar, lead vocal
Tibor Bornai – keybord, vocal
Mihály Huszár – bass, vocal
Sándor Tiba – drums
Vladimir Abanshin, Galina Ivanova, Anja Pavlenko, Mihail Emeljanov, Anatolij Kondratkov – vocal, ethnic instruments

1.Secret Combination
2.Day To Die
4.You Can't Always Get What You Want
5.Boy And A Girl
9.Playing With My mind
10.Back In The USSR
11.Lonley Man's Song
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FA-099-2 CD 2002   7.00