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Kampec Dolores
Tema Principale world music

Enlarge this picture! Tenth album from one of the most interesting and most innovative hungarian bands.
Kampec Dolores’ art is swinging between the contemporary, experimental and the alternative music, during their 30 year’s existence they’ve toured the World and had an impact on many other hungarian acts.
Their new record is an experimental material, it was born from improvisation and imagination.

Gabi Kenderesi - vocal, sound bowl, percussion
Csaba Hajnóczy - guitar
Árpád Vajdovich - double bass, bass guitar
István Grencsó - bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, tilinkó (Hungarian whistle), percussion
Csaba Németh - drums, cajon, percussion

Ábel Hajnóczy - raggastyle

1.Canvas No. 1.
2.Canvas No. 2.
3.Canvas No. 3. (Carachita)
4.Canvas No. 4. (Főtéma - Tema Principale)
5.Canvas No. 5.
6.Canvas No. 6.
7.Canvas No. 7. (To be a Beautiful Stranger)
8.Canvas No. 8. (Pistié - Pisti's)
9.Canvas No. 9. (Szépsége / This Beauty)
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TR2005CD CD 2013   12.00
Evaliyé world music

Enlarge this picture! Bass Guitar, Double Bass – Árpád Vajdovich
Drums, Percussion – Németh Csaba
Guitar – Hajnóczy Csaba
Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Duduk, Percussion – Antiszuszu Pi
Voice, Percussion, Steel Drums – Gabi Kenderesi

1.Evaliyé (5:15)
2.Ligetek / Groves (4:26)
3.Északi Fény / Northern Light (6:53)
4.Prelúdium (0:24)
5.Behúzza függönyét / The Girl is Drawing Her Curtains (5:13)
6.Likőr / Liquour (4:08)
7.Vár aljában / Beneath the Castle (5:09)
8.Tükör villan / A Flash in the Mirror (4:42)
9.Prelúdium 2 (1:37)
10.Tüzes angyal / The Angel of Fire (6:18)
11.Üveghang / Glass-Sound (9:43)
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