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Of Heaven adn Earth
alternative comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! Rock? No! - Pop? Uuuh, no!! - Jazz? No!! - What is this music-style? Contemporary rock arias with unbelievable technique of singing. Think of Meredith Monk or Diamanda Galas.- "… The sounds burst forth from the throath, the larynx, the stomach, from the whole body, the whole being. It is as if Ágens aim were not only to toss songs into the air, but to use her voice to seize us, the audience, and transport us onto a higher dimension.

1.Megmutatkozás - Presenting the Self (5:20)
2.Eroto-song (4:42)
3.I-nu-sodo (3:18)
4.Ima - Prayer (3:04)
5.No (3:22)
6.Égi-földi - Of Heaven and Earth (4:05)
7.China (3:24)
8.Hüm-dabbi (3:17)
9.Átok - Curse (3:38)
10.Keresés - Tentative (2:25)
11.Cím nélkül - Without Title (4:23)
12.Nádnő - Reed Woman (5:10)
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BGCD 019 CD 1999   10.00