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Egy Kiss Erzsi Zene
world music

Enlarge this picture! The band recorded their fifth album, Ugató, in 2010. The new pieces feature wind and percussion instruments. A drop of metal, „esztam”, let-your-hair-down, jumpy-rollicking chanson all exclusively in the „special language”, energic-Russian, violin-Hungarian, and a Belga-adaptation as a surprise (Csokidal) in the original language. This is the first time that Erzsi sings in Hungarian in her band, leaving her virtual language behind for the sake of one song. All of them experiences in style and plays, the familiar „singing-language” is liberating, and the result is a piece of imaginative, energetic work full of changes of mood. Two songs have been remixed: one by Gábor Deutsch (from Anorganik), who also mastered the album, and the other by Ambrus Tövisházi. The cover is the work of Attila Stark (Kulo City) using photos by Marcell Szász; in the past two years both them regular partners of the band for the band’s visual appearance.

Erzsi Kiss - vocal
Anna Szandtner - vocal
Zoltán Farkas - guitar
Csaba Németh - drums
Árpád Vajdovich - doublebass, bassguitar, vocal (1,9)

Attila Almási - trombone
Ákos Csejtey - saxofon
Ákos Tompa - trumpet
Gábor Berán - violin (1,8)
György Barna - violin (8)
János Bujdosó - rhythm guitar (1)
Zsombor Dudás - percussion (3,5,7,8,11)
István Pápai - percussion (3,5,7,8,11)

1.Ugató / Barking
3.Ecc Pecc
5.Vagy nem tudom / Or I don’t know
8.Talpad alá / Under Your sole
9.Kész Inté
11.Csokidal / Chocolate song
12.Zazazazazazazaza (Ejnyebejnyeboj remix)
13.Vagy nem tudom (Anorganik Rework, Remix)
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NRR 081 CD 2010   13.00