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Force Majeure
Future Lights instrumental space space

Enlarge this picture! The video has an English version too, but only available in PAL format!

3.Északi fény (Nothern Lights)
4.Szivárvány (Rainbow)
5.Holdkelte (Moonrise)
9.Teljes napfogyatkozás (Total Eclipse)
10.Megújulás (Rebirth)
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FMPVC 002 VHS 2002   3.00
Total Eclipse instrumental space space

Enlarge this picture! The music belongs to the realm of science fiction and space music and it allows you to elevate your mind to other dimensions, thereby helping you surmount any obstacle and letting your thoughts fly free. It was strongly effected by the works of Vangelis, early Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream. All music played on synthesizers by László Kovács and Zsolt Vidovenyecz.

1.Dawn's Mist (1:40)
2.Lonely Wolf (6:58)
3.Nothern Lights (1:20)
4.Rainbow (4:42)
5.Moonrise (2:40)
6.Stonehenge (5:46)
7.Ocean Currents (5:48)
8.Daylight Stars (1:23)
9.Flare (5:42)
10.Elementary Forces (4:00)
11.Total Eclipse (2:47)
12.Rebirth (6:36)
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BGCD 038 CD 1999   12.00