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Szemző Tibor
Sunset on Left - soundtrack
(Balra a nap nyugszik - filmzene)
alternative soundtrack

Enlarge this picture! There was once a trend that swore to the small and the simple. It was drawn by a generation whose response was to the self-serving complexity and grandeur of its immediate predecessors. Minimal Art has lost its validity as a school and as a kormaximum, but since then works have emerged in which it is not difficult to hear the above maxima. Szemző brings his news to the fore, as the 180 group he founded, among others, was one of the most significant domestic representatives of the style.
And indeed: in these pieces, little unfolds. We hear grooves, pulsations that start fairly empty and then fill up, but not very much. (There’s also one that vomits this kind of construction: it starts and runs down.) The tempos are usually slow and medium-sized, and even in a few quick pieces, there’s a hint that we feel this author has a style.

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CDB 071 CD 2000   10.00
Other Shore - Various Compositions 1992-97 comprehensive

Enlarge this picture! Marcell Benko - congas
Ildiko Fodor - violin
Fruzsina Jaan - viola
Alexander Lakatos - viola
Peter Magyar - drums
Stanislav Mucha - violin
Istvan Papai - maracas
Mariann Pleszkan - cello
Onishi Ryokei - voice
Jan Slavik - cello
Peter Szalai - tabla
Tibor Szemzo - conductor, bass flute, sound devices
Frantisek Torok - violin
Tamas Toth - electric bass

1.A túlsó part / The Other Shore (1997) emberi hangokra és kisegyüttesre
2.Symultan (1995/96) emberi hangokra es különféle hangforrásokra
3.Sirály korál-variáció / Gull (1992) vonósnégyesre és tablára
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CDLR 281 CD 1999   10.00
The Conscience (Narrative Chamber Pieces) comprehensive

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1.Skullbase Fracture (1984)
2.Optimistic Lecture (1988)
3.The Sex Appeal of Death (1981)
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CDLR 185 CD 1993   10.00