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Gyulai Gaál János / Sebestyén Márta
Inspirations classical

Enlarge this picture! The works of János Gyulai Gaál are characterised by a melodic structure of great dimensions and sequences of jazzy harmonies as well as demanding instrumental virtuosity. As Hubay Prize winner violinist he prefers to write for the violin, but he knows and fully uses the possibilities of the other instruments, too – he gives the performers a lot to do with his technical bravura and the joyful realisation of his multicolour switches of atmosphere.
The artistic level of the record is enhanced by the rich tone of the violin of Myra van Campen-Bálint who came home for this recording from Germany; Eszter Horgas and her golden master-flute; the international clarinet competition winner Gábor Varga – and a Steinway piano, my true partner.
Preceding each piece we can hear the inspiring folk song, thus fulfilling the author’s dream. We won MÁRTA SEBESTYÉN to sing them – she sings in the original languages on her unimitably natural, sweet voice of gentle liveliness. She possesses the unique gift to get to the essence of each nation: to interpret, with her intonation of voice and language, the soul of those peoples. - Márta Rubin

Márta Sebestyén - vocal
Márta Rubin - piano
Myra van Campen-Bálint - violin
Eszter Horgas - flute
Gábor Varga - clarinet

Áron Eredics - tambur
Béla Szerényi - hurdy-gurdy
Balázs Szokolay Dongó - bagpipe

1.Jezus malusienski - Poland (1:25)
2.Panaszos keringő - Plaintive Waltz (5:18)
3.Pujdem Spolem do Betlema - Bohemia (1:54)
4.Boldog Karácsonyt! - rondó - Merry Christmas - rondo (5:54)
5.Greensleeves - What Child is This - English-speaking countries (3:15)
6.Áhitat és örvendezés - Devotion and Rejoicing (6:30)
7.Oh Tannenbaum - Germany (2:00)
8.Fenyves a holdfényben - Pinewood by Moonlight (6:45)
9.Karácsonyi dal - Hungary (1:10)
10.Téma és variációk - Theme and Variations (7:09)
11.No onkos tullut kesa - Finland (1:27)
12.Imádság - Prayer (3:40)
13.Orosz dal - Russia (2:51)
14.Elmélkedés - Meditation (5:51)
15.Quanno nascette ninno - Italy (1:40)
16.Örömtánc - Dance of Joy (6:34)
17.Khanta zagún goúziek - Basque province (2:09)
18.Örömben és bánatban - In Joy and in Sorrow (6:57)
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BGCD 096 CD 2001   12.00