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Hackett, Steve
Great Britain
Once Above a Time progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! This concert was recorded in Budapest in April this year on the final show of the European tour in support of Hackett’s most recent album "To Watch The Storms". It combines songs from across his career including classic Genesis tracks like 'Blood On The Rooftops' and "Firth Of Fifth", early solo material like "Ace Of Wands" and "Spectral Mornings" and more recent tracks such as "Mechanical Bride" and "Darktown". The evening ends appropriately with the old Genesis showstopper "Los Endos". To see some clips, click here

Bonus Feature
"Backstage in Budapest" - Informal documentary filmed during the day leading up to showtime

Tech Specs:
Screen Format: 16:9
Sound Formats:
- DTS Surround Sound
- Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound
- Dolby Digital Stereo
Running Time: 104 mins approx
Picture Format: PAL
DVD Region Code: All Region
Language: English
Subtitles: None

Steve Hackett - guitar & vocals
Roger King - keyboards
Rob Townsend - sax, Flute, Percussion& vocals
Terry Gregory - bass & vocals
Gary O’Toole - drums & vocals

1.Valley Of The Kings
2.Mechanical Bride
3.The Circus Of Becoming
4.Frozen Statues
6.Serpentine Song
7.Ace Of Wands
8.Hammer In The Sand
9.Blood On The Rooftops
10.Fly On A Windshield
11.Please Don't Touch
12.Firth Of Fifth
13.If You Can't Find Heaven
15.Brand New
16.Air-Conditioned Nightmare
17.Every Day
19.Spectral Mornings
20.Los Endos
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GR 054 DVD 2004   16.00
Hungarian Horizons - Live in Budapest (DVD+2CD) progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Steve's acoustic trio, consisting of himself with his brother, John Hackett on flute and Roger King on keyboards, had just completed a short series of dates in Tokyo and were on top form for this debut Hungarian performance.
The 104 minute show was recorded at Budapest's Petofi Hall on 26th January 2002 and mixed in 5.1 surround format in Steve Hackett’s own MAP studio. The setlist offers a variety of Steve's favourite acoustic material including selections from Bay of Kings, Momentum, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Sketches of Satie together with unique acoustic arrangements of some of his band material and even one or two new and unreleased pieces.
There is also "A Weekend In Budapest", a documentary style bonus feature with fascinating behind the scenes footage including interviews with all three musicians and rehearsal excerpts.

Steve Hackett - guitar, vocals
John Hackett - flute
Roger King - keyboards

2.Gnossienne #1
3.Bourée / Bacchus
4.Fifth of Fifth
5.Bay of Kings
8.Second Chance
10.Overnight Sleeper
11.The Barren Land
12.Back Light
14.Time Lapse at Milton Keynes
15.The Chinise Jam
16.Concerto in D
17.Hairless Heart
18.Cinema Paradiso
19.Mustard Seed
20.Gymnopédie #1
21.Jazz on a Summer's Night
1.Little Cloud
3.Walking away from Rainbows
4.Andante in C
5.Concert for Munich
6.The Journey
7.Skye Boat Song
8.By Paved Fountain
9.Etude in A
10.Blood on the Rooftops
11.Hands of the Priestess
12.C min. Triplets
13.End of Day
14.Ace of Wands
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CAMDV 30 DVD+CD 2003   19.00
Blues With A Feeling blues

Enlarge this picture! Why the blues? Why a cry in the night? Can the whites ? Whatever did happen to Eel Pie Island ? BB says "Anyone who ever lost a woman" can play the (definite article) blues! But what if you're too young or old to find a friend ? I digress, but they say the devil has all the best tunes I sometimes think that god likes to drop in for a blow now and then as well, it's true there is a sense of invocation about this stuff, if you can feel earthbound and float at the same time you've probably listening to the (once more definite article) blues regularly by now - the trouble is it's very hard to quit - you'll probably move on to the hard stuff (jazz) of course, but don't say I didn't warn you! Once you get hooked on blues you'll be making up your own solos, humming to yourself at work, drifting off in the middle of board meetings. Instead of proposing something sensible you'll probably open your mouth and accidentally let slip (in a loud voice) something like: "I dun tol ya the blues bit me somewhere nasty way down in ground" or, conversely, "My mojo is in an operable condition but its efficacy has yet to be demonstrated upon you". Now where did I hear that ?

1.Born In Chicago
2.The Stumble
3.Love Of Another Kind
4.Way Down South
5.A Blue Part Of Town
7.Tumbstone Roller
8.Blues With A Feeling
9.Big Dallas Sky
10.The 13th Floor
11.So Many Roads
12.Solid Ground
bonus tracks
1.On Cemetery Road
2.Patch Of Blue
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ECLEC 2553 CD 1994 / 2016   16.00