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Crame on! folk world music

Enlarge this picture! The band Fianna, was established by János Lang (fiddle) and Kornél Varga (guitar) in 1996. At the time, the band played only Traditional Irish Music. Through their dedication to the music, Fianna became popular outside Hungary too, particularly in those venues frequented by the fans of Traditional Irish music. It was turning point in the career of Fianna when Jani met the piper, Alan Burton during a tour in England. With this encounter, a new chapter has begun in the band’s life, resulting in a unique English-Hungarian musical co-operation. As a result of this joint work, Fianna’s first album "The Mad Skeleton" was deeply rooted in Traditional Irish music. Three new musicians, Ákos Kertész (percussion), Luke Daniels (melodeon) and Rick Foot (double bass) joined the band not long afterwards. This brought about an emergence of a slightly new direction, since the English musicians had always been keen on East European music, while at the same time their Hungarian counterparts had immersed themselves in Celtic styles. This is how Fianna developed their special flavour, a careful mixture of traditional European folk and modern musical elements with the roots of Celtic traditions. The musicians represent not only the world of music they grew up in, but at the same time Irish, English, Scandinavian, Hungarian and Balkan motifs are mixed in their own compositions. This can be heard on Fianna’s second album, ’Crame On!’, a more intimate and explorative route into their own interpretations and compositions. Fianna have been well received in tours over the recent years in many places including Hungary, France, Spain, England, Denmark and Austria.

János Láng - fiddle, whistles
Alan Burton - uillean pipes
Kornél Varga - guitar, mandolin
Luke Daniels - vocal, box
Ákos Kertész - percussion
Rick Foot - double bass

Sándor Kis - bodhran
Csaba Tóth Bagi - guitar

2.The Wind that Shakes the Paprika
3.An Phis Fliuch
4.Sleeping in the Bar
5.The Flower of Magherally
7.Trad Set
8.Alan's Lost Hat
9.Da Sneck O'Da Smaalie
10.A River Runs Through Her
11.Corno and the Monsters
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BGCD 113 CD 2002   10.00
The Mad Skeleton folk

Enlarge this picture! The Fianna tales are about the illustrious Irish knights who - similar to the knights of King Arthur's round table - fought only for good causes. The member of the group also had to be excellent poets and there were musicians amongst them as well. The Fenian Cycle recalls the mythological period when poetry was spontaneous, and preservation of music and tradition was integral to the challenges of life. We are venturing in a musical world where the borders of time dissolve.

"The young Hungarian János Lang was a total revelation. […] as soon as he began to play a bolt of lighting hit the Queen's Hall. He played a single set of music, fast and slow, loud and soft. He called upon a myriad of musical styles not only from middle-Europe but worldwide. His technique was formidable and as he finished, with a stripped bow, there occurred the ultimate audience tribute a brief pause of total silence before shouts and tumultuous applause.” - By Peter Lewis in Hexham Courant, February 4th, 2000.

Alan Burton - uilleann pipes, whistles
Martin Green - piano accordion
Katalin Lajtai - voice
János Lang - fiddle, flute, whistles, bodhrán
Kornél Varga - guitar, mandolin

1.The New Custom House
2.The Lowlands Of Holland
3.The Ship In Full Sail
4.The Maids Of Falway
5.The Weaver
6.The Mad Skeleton
7.Paddy's Rambles Through The Park
8.Johnny And Molly
9.The Nervous Man
10.Be My Sweet Bride
11.Cá Beleno
12.Sally Sits Weeping
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FECD 002 CD 2000   10.00