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Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Great Britain
Chance progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Often looked upon as a kind of Manfred Mann solo album, although featuring Earth Band stalwarts Thompson, Waller and even Rogers as well as drummer John Lingwood who had toured with the band following the "Angel Station" album in place of Geoff Britten, this album also tried out many other musicians and vocalists. Despite the variety of singers and players it holds together well as an album. Perhaps the outstanding tracks are "Lies Through the 80s" and Springsteen's "For You".

1.Lies (Through the 80's)
2.On the Run
3.For You
4.Adolescent Dream
5.Fritz the Blank
7.Hello, I am Your Heart
8.No Guarantee
9.Heart on the Street
bonus tracks
1.A Fool I Am (single B side)
2.Adolescent Dream (single version)
3.Lies (Through the 80's) (single version)
4.For You (single version)
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MANN 012 CD 1999   15.00
Manfred Mann's Earth Band progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! The first album by Manfred's new outfit made up of Chris Slade (Drums), Colin Pattenden (Bass) and Mick Rogers (Lead Guitar/Vocals). Manfred plays various keyboards including for the first time the keyboard that was to become his trademark, the Mini Moog. The album, first released on the Philips label, includes the single "Living Without You", a minor US hit written by Randy Newman, the Dylan song "Mrs Henry" and "Rocker's Prayer" and "Capt Bobby Stout". The musical direction of the new band had, however, not been fully established making this a very interesting album overall.

1.California Coastline
2.Captain Bobby Stout
4.Living Without You
6.Mrs Henry
7.Jump Sturdy
9.Part Time Man
10.I'm Up and I'm Leaving
bonus tracks
1.Living Without You - single version (mono)
2.California Coastline - single version (mono)
3.Mrs Henry - single version (mono)
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MMCD 03 CD 1999   15.00
Mann Alive (2CD) progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! 'Mann Alive' was a very difficult album for me to concentrate on. Everything was already on tape and there simply wasn't enough for me to do, it just had to sound good and in some cases that wasn't easy.
If you're wondering why two versions of 'Redemption Song' appear on this album, thats because at the start of the European Tour Chris would sing alone and then as time went on I thought it would be a good idea for Noel to join in. We couldn't choose between them.
I didn't really enjoy mixing the album but I genuinely do enjoy listening to it. I hope you will as well.

Manfred Mann - keyboards, vocals
Mick Rogers - guitars, vocals
John Trotter - drums
Steve Kinch - bass, backing vocals
Noel McCalla - vocals
Chris Thompson - guitar, vocals

CD1 - The Gig
1.Martha's Madman
2.Times They are a Changing
3.You Angel You
4.Father of Day, Father of Night
5.For You
6.It's a Fine Line
7.Demolition Man
8.Nothing Ever Happens
9.She Was
10.Blinded by the Light
11.Davy's on the Road Again
CD2 - Encore & More
1.I'll Give You
2.Shelter from the Storm
3.Redemption Song
4.The Mighty Quinn
5.Demolition Man - short version
6.Blinded by the Light - short version
7.Redemption Song
8.Instrumedicine Song
9.Sikelele 1
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MLIVE 1 CD 1998   19.00
Soft Vengeance progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! The album was recorded over a period of four years, but it was well worth the wait. A fine collection of well crafted songs with lead vocal duties being shared by Chris Thompson and Noel McCalla. Along with the much loved soloing interaction of Manfred Mann's keyboards and Mick Rogers guitars. The two singles taken from the album were 'Nothing ever happens' and 'Pleasure and Pain'. Although they didn't reach the top of any charts, they showed the Earth Band were back with a vengeance.

Manfred Mann - keyboards, programming
Mick Rogers - guitars
Dave Farmer - drums
Clive Bunker - drums
Steve Kinch - bass
Chris Thompson - vocals
Noel McCalla - vocals

Russell Hoban - speech on "Wherever Love Drops"
Richard Marcangelo - drums
Richard James Burgess - drums
Gavin Harrison - drums
Andy Pask - bass
Tony Patler - bass
Gary Farmer - guitar
Clem Clempson - guitar
Mitch Dalton - guitar
Tony Patler - guitar
Gary Sanctuary - Wurlitzer electric piano on "99lbs"
Linda Taylor - backing vocals
Maggie Ryder - backing vocals
Carol Kenyon - backing vocals
Janice Hoyte - backing vocals
Diane Byrch - backing vocals
Stevie Lange - backing vocals

1.Pleasure and Pain
2.Play with Fire
3.Nothing Ever Happens
4.Shelter from the Storm
5.Tumbling Ball
6.The Price I Pay
7.Lose the Touch
8.Adults Only
9.Wherever Love Drops (Part One)
10.The Complete History of Sexual Jealousy
11.99 Lbs
12.Miss You
13.Nature of the Beast
14.Wherever Love Drops (Part Two)
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GRACD 213 CD 1996   15.00
Plains Music progressive world music

Enlarge this picture! This album is called Plains Music, as it consist mainly of the melodies of the North American plains indians. We do not pretend that it is in any sense representative of the original ethnic music which was its which was its source material. I tried to make a simple album of plain music, using as few notes as possible and keeping the tracks short and to the point.

Manfred Mann - keyboards
Noel McCalla - vocals
Barbara Thompson - saxophones
Peter Sklair - bass
Ian Hermann - drums, percussion

Smiler Makana - African hunting bows
Kelly Petlane - pennywhistle
Doren Thobeki - additional vocals
Walter Sanza - additional vocals
Chief Dawethi - additional vocals

2.Medicine Song
3.Wounded Knee
5.Sikelele I
6.Hunting Bow
7.Instrumedicine Song
8.Sikelele II
9.Hunting Bow
bonus tracks
1.Salmon Fishing
3.Medicine Song (re-mix)
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MANN 017 CD 1991 / 1998   15.00
Masque progressive rock

Enlarge this picture!

1.Joybringer (From Jupiter)
2.Sister Billy's Bounce (Including Sister Sadie & Billy's Bounce)
3.What You Give Is What You Get (Start)
4.Telegram To Monica
5.Billy's Orno Bounce (Including Billy's Bounce)
6.A Couple Of Mates (From Mars & Jupiter)
7.Neptune (Icebringer)
8.Rivers Run Dry
9.Hymn (From Jupiter)
10.We're Going Wrong
11.Planets Schmanets
12.Geronimo's Cadillac
bonus tracks
1.Telegram To Monica (alternate version)
2.Joybringer (extended version)
3.Geronimo's Cadillac (7" single version)
4.Geronimo's Cadillac (12" single version)
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MMCD 16 CD 1987 / 2013   15.00
Live Budapest progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! The last Earth Band album to be released on the Bronze Label was 'Live in Budapest' which contains live versions of eight of their classic hits making up a very good greatest hits album. This album is well worth a listen to hear live versions of 'Spirits in the Night' through to 'Mighty Quinn' which will draw you into the gig atmosphere.

Manfred Mann – keyboards, synthesisers, vocals
John Lingwood – drums
Steve Waller – guitar, vocals
Chris Thompson – vocals, guitar
Matt Irving – bass, vocals

1.Lies (Through the 80’s)
2.Spirits in the Night
3.Demolition Man
4.For You
5.Davy’s on the Road Again
6.Blinded by the Light
7.Redemption Song (No Kwazulu)
8.Mighty Quinn
bonus tracks
2.No Transkei
3.Don't Kill It Carol
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MANN 014 CD 1984 / 1999   15.00
Somewhere In Afrika progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Manfred Mann – keyboards, synthesisers
John Lingwood – drums, percussion
Steve Waller – vocals, guitar ("Eyes of Nostradamus", "Third World Service", "Demolition Man")
Chris Thompson – vocals
Matt Irving – bass, programming (MC4)
Shona Laing – vocals
Trevor Rabin – lead guitar on "Redemption Song", guitar solo on "Runner"

1.Tribal Statistics
2.Eyes of Nostradamus
3.Third World Service
4.Demolition Man
5.Brothers and Sisters of Azania
6.Africa Suite
7.Redemption Song (No Kwazulu)
8.Somewhere in Africa
bonus tracks
1.War Dream
2.Holiday's Dream
3.Redemption Song (single version)
4.Eyes Of Nostradamus (12" single version)
5.Demolition Man (single version / alternate mix)
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MANN 013 CD 1983 / 1999   15.00
Watch progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Ask any Earth Band fan and they will tell you this album is a classic and so it is. Highlights are difficult to pick out on such a great rock record but "California", "Davy's On The Road Again" and "Martha's Madman" are all wonderful examples of Earth Band at its best. The album also features a reworking of Manfred's 1968 hit "The Mighty Quinn" written, of course, by Bob Dylan.

Manfred Mann – keyboards, backing vocals
Chris Slade – drums, percussion
Pat King – bass guitar, backing vocals
Dave Flett – lead guitar, acoustic guitar
Chris Hamlet Thompson – vocals, guitar

Additional Musicians:
Doreen Chanter, Irene Chanter, Stevie Lange, Victy Silva, Kim Goddy – backing vocals

2.Drowning on Dry Land / Fish Soup
3.Chicago Institute
5.Davy's on the Road Again
6.Martha's Madman
7.The Mighty Quinn
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MMCD 10 CD 1978 / 2013   15.00
Nightingales & Bombers progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Includes a famous recording from World War 2 of nightingales singing as bombers pass overhead. This was to be the last album by the first line-up, although one of the high points was the interplay between Manfred on keyboards and Mick's guitar. It also contained the first Springsteen cover, "Spirits In The Night".

1.Spirits in the Night
3.Time is Right
5.Visionary Mountains
6.Nightingales and Bombers
7.Fat Nelly
8.As Above So Below (recorded live)
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MMCD 08 CD 1975 / 2013   15.00
The Good Earth progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Recently the subject of renewed interest, this is the album with which buyers got a free square foot of land on a Welsh hillside. It also carried on the environmental issue first raised on the track "Messin'" 18 months earlier. A number of fans recently revisited the hillside, still unspoiled and free from the man-made forest that surrounds it.

1.Give Me the Good Earth
2.Launching Place
3.I´ll be Gone
4.Earth Hymn
5.Sky High
6.Be not too Hard
7.Earth Hymn (Part 2)
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MMCD 07 CD 1974 / 2013   15.00
Messin' pop rock

Enlarge this picture! The third album came much closer to capturing the band's live sound, particularly on the Mike Hugg title track and Manfred's "Buddha". First released on the Vertigo label in the UK, a slightly different album was released by Warner Bros in the States called "Rocks Off".

3.Cloudy Eyes
4.Get Your Rocks Off
6.Black and Blue
7.Mardi Gras Day
1.Pretty Good
2.Cloudy Eyes (single edit)
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MANN 005 CD 1973 / 1998   15.00
Glorified Magnified progressive rock

Enlarge this picture! Following soon after the release of the debut album, Glorified Magnified introduced the now familiar Earth Band logo on the cover. The listener was this time treated to a series of heavy rock tracks with lots of guitar and keyboard solos mixed with some more wistful moments and another nice Dylan cover "It's All Over Now Baby Blue".

2.Look Around
3.One Way Glass
4.I'm Gonna Have You All
5.Down Home
6.Our Friend George
7.Ashes to the Wind
9.It's All Over Now Baby Blue
10.Glorified Magnified
bonus tracks
1.Meat (single version)
2.It's All Over Now Baby Blue (single version)
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MANN 004 CD 1972 / 1999   15.00