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Lee, Alvin
Great Britain
Anthology Vol. 2. (2CD) blues rock

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1.Gonna Turn You On
2.Detroit Diesel
3.Friday The 13th
4.Trucking Down The Other Way
5.Rock n’ Roll Guitar Picker
6.Midnight Special
7.Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’
8.I’m Gonna Make It
9.I’m Writing You A Letter
10.Can’t Sleep At Night
11.One More Chance
12.Burnt Fungus
13.I’ve Got Eyes For You Baby
14.Slow Down
1.Time And Space
2.Talk Don’t Bother Me
3.Ride On Cowboy
4.Can’t Stop
5.Getting Nowhere Fast
6.All Life’s Trials
7.Wake Up Momma
8. The Darkest Night
9.It’s Alright Now
10.Carry My Load
11.Got To Keep Moving
12.Somebody Callin’ Me
13.The Bluest Blues
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REPCD 5101 CD 2008   15.50
In Tennessee blues rock

Enlarge this picture! Double Bass – Pete Pritchard (2)
Drums – DJ Fontana*
Guitar – Scotty Moore
Guitar, Vocals – Alvin Lee
Illustration – Ed Spyra
Organ – Tim Hinkley
Piano – Willie Rainsford

1.Let's Boogie
2.Rock And Roll Girls
3.Take My Time
4.I'm Gonna Make It
5.Something's Gonna Get You
6.Why Did You Do It
7.Getting Nowhere Fast
8.How Do You Do It
9.Let's Get It On
10.Tell Me Why
11.I'm Going Home
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REPCD 1029 CD 2004   14.00
Anthology (2CD) blues rock

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1.Keep On Rockin'
2.Wake Up Moma
3.On The Road To Freedom
4.Play It Like It Used To Be
5.Real Life Blues
6.Back In My Arms Again
7.Ain't Nobody's Business
8.Long Legs
9.Put It In A Box
10.Boogie All Day
11.Love Like A Man
12.Jenny Jenny
13.Love The Way You Rock Me
14.The Bluest Blues
1.Shot In The Dark
2.My Baby's Come Back To Me
3.You Told Me
5.Hear Me Calling
6.Let It Rock
7.I Don't Give A Damn
8.Midnight Special
9.Help Me Baby
10.I'm Going Home
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REPCD 4970 CD 2002   15.50
Detroit Diesel blues rock

Enlarge this picture! Backing Vocals – Vicky Brown*
Backing Vocals, Bass – Mick Fe'at
Backing Vocals, Synthesizer, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Steve Gould
Bass – Boz Burrell, Leo Lyons
Drums – Alan Young (3), Bryson Graham
Engineer – Louis Austin*
Engineer [Assistant] – Andy Jaworski, John Hembrow
Executive-Producer – Nick Caris
Fiddle – Joe Brown
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Tim Hinckley*
Keyboards, Bass [Synth] – David Hubbard
Mastered By – Greg Calbi
Organ – Jon Lord
Photography – Clare Rose, Rick Rose
Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Drum Programming, Drums, Bass – Alvin Lee
Slide Guitar – George Harrison

1.Detroit Diesel
2.Shot In The Dark
3.Too Late To Run For Cover
4.Talk Don't Bother Me
5.Ordinary Man
6.Heart Of Stone
7.She's So Cute
8.Back In My Arms Again
9.Don't Want To Fight
10.Let's Go
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REPCD 5199 CD 1986   13.00
RX5 blues rock

Enlarge this picture! Bass Guitar – Mick Fe'at
Drums – Tom Compton
Guitar – Alvin Lee, Steve Gould
Keyboards – Chris Stainton
Percussion – Tom Compton
Remastered By – Jon Astley
Vocals – Alvin Lee, Mick Fe'at, Steve Gould

1.Hang On
2.Lady Luck
3.Can't Stop
4.Wrong Side Of The Law
5.Nutbush City Limits
6.Rock-n Roll Guitar Picker
7.Double Loser
8.Fool No More
9.Dangerous World
10.High Times
bonus track
1.Shuffle It
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REPCD 4706 CD 1981   14.00
Free Fall blues rock

Enlarge this picture! Bass Guitar, Vocals – Mickey Féat*
Drums, Percussion – Tom Compton
Engineer – Andy Jaworski, John Stronach
Executive Producer – Robert Patterson
Guitar, Vocals – Alvin Lee, Steve Gould

1.I Don't Wanna Stop
2.Take The Money
3.One Lonely Hour
6.Ridin' Truckin'
7.No More Lonely
9.City Lights
10.Sooner Or Later
11.Dustbin City
bonus track
1.Real Life Blues
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REPCD 4705 CD 1980   13.00
Ride On blues rock

Enlarge this picture! Bass – Mick Hawksworth
Drums – Tom Compton
Guitar, Vocals – Alvin Lee

1.Ain't Nothin' Shakin'
2.Scat Encounter
3.Hey Joe
4.Going Home
1.Too Much
2.It's A Gaz
3.Ride On Cowboy
4.Sittin' Here
5.Can't Sleep At Nite
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REPCD 4787 CD 1979   13.00
Let It Rock blues hard-rock

Enlarge this picture! Backing Vocals – Dyan Birch, Frank Collins, Paddie McHugh
Bass – Alan Spenner
Cover [Design] – John Sims (3)
Drums – John Susswell*
Engineer – Mick Glossop
Guitar – Alvin Lee
Piano – Zoot Money
Producer – Alvin Lee
Remastered By – Jon Astley
Vocals – Alvin Lee
Written-By – Alvin Lee

1.Chemicals, Chemistry, Mystery & More
2.Love The Way You Rock Me
3.Ain't Nobody
4.Images Shifting
5.Little Boy
6.Downhill Lady Racer
7.World Is Spinning Faster
8.Through With Your Lovin'
9.Time To Meditate
10.Let It Rock
bonus tracks
1.Snake Jam
2.Break Jam
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REPCD 4704 CD 1978   14.00
Rocket Fuel blues rock

Enlarge this picture! Bass – Mick Hawksworth
Drums – Tom Compton
Guitar, Vocals – Alvin Lee
Keyboards – Bernie Clarke, Mick Weaver

1.Rocket Fuel
2.Gonna Turn You On
3.Friday The 13th
4.Somebody Callin' Me
5.Ain't Nothin' Shakin'
6.Alvin's Blue Thing
7.Baby Don't You Cry
8.The Devil's Screaming
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REPCD 4788 CD 1978   14.00
Pump Iron blues rock

Enlarge this picture! Bass – Andy Pyle, Boz*, Colin GIbson, Steve Thompson (2)
Brass [Horn Section] – Jack Lancaster
Composed By, Written-By – Kit Armstrong (tracks: B2)
Congas – Brother James (3)
Design – Gerard Huerta, John Berg
Drums – Bryson Graham, Ian Wallace, Ron Berg
Engineer – Alvin Lee, Andy Jaworski, Casey Jones (9), Chris Kinsey, Harold Burgon
Illustration [Body Painting] – Gerard Huerta, Roger Huyssen
Keyboards – Tim Hinkley
Organ – Ronnie Leahy
Photography By – Richard Davis (13)
Producer, Composed By, Written-By – Alvin Lee
Soprano Saxophone – Mel Collins
Synthesizer [Arp] – Harold Burgon

1.One More Chance
2.Try To Be Righteous
3.You Told Me
4.Have Mercy
5.Julian Rice
6.Time And Space
7.Burnt Fungus
8.The Darkest Night
9.It's All Right Now
10.Truckin' Down The Other Way
11.Let The Sea Burn Down
bonus tracks
2.Midnight Special
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REPCD 4703 CD 1975   14.00
In Flight (2CD) blues rock

Enlarge this picture! Backing Vocals – Dyan Birch, Frank Collins, Paddie McHugh
Bass – Alan Spenner
Design, Layout – Roger Lowe
Drums – Ian Wallace
Engineer – Andy Jaworski, Harold Burgon
Flute – Mel Collins
Guitar – Alvin Lee, Neil Hubbard
Keyboards – Tim Hinkley
Mixed By – Alvin Lee
Photography By [Back Cover Photo] – Mike Putland*
Photography By [Front Cover Photo] – Terry O'Neill (2)
Saxophone – Mel Collins
Vocals – Alvin Lee

1.Got To Keep Moving
2.Going Through The Door
3.Don't Be Cruel
4.Money Honey
5.I'm Writing You A Letter
6.You Need Love Love Love
7.Freedom For The Stallion
8.Every Blues You've Ever Heard
9.All Life's Trials
2.Let's Get Back
3.Ride My Train
4.There's A Feeling
5.Running Round
6.Mystery Train
7.Slow Down
8.Keep A Knocking
9.How Many Times
10.I've Got Eyes For You Baby
11.I'm Writing You A Letter
bonus tracks
1.Somebody Callin' Me
2.Put It In A Box
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REPCD 4702 CD 1974   16.00