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Birth Control
Great Britain
Bäng! rock

Enlarge this picture! When the thirteenth Birth Control album Bang came out in 1982, nobody realized that it was to be the last offering by the legendary group for some time. The album was recorded at Dieter Dierks studio, the band having rediscovered their love of basic rock music after years of progressive preferences. Not only the naughty/ironic front sleeve of the album is well worth seeing, but also its back, which underlined the apocalyptic mood of the lyrics visually.

- Bruno Frenzel / guitars, lead vocals (3-6)
- Jürgen Goldschmidt / bass, backing vocals
- Ulrich Klein / keyboards, backing vocals
- Stefan Linke / rhythm guitar, vocals
- Bernd Noske / lead vocals, drums, percussion

1.Nuclear Reactor
2.Get Ready To Run
3.Take Alarm
4.Greedy Eyes
5.The Day Of Doom Is Coming
6.Doom Boom
7.The King Of An Island
bonus tracks
1.Nuclear Reactor (single version)
2.Get Ready To Run (single version)
3.Nuclear Reactor (12" mix)
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REPCD 7068 CD 1982 / 1997   13.00
Plastic People rock

Enlarge this picture! - Peter Föller / bass, vocals, vibes (3
- Bruno Frenzel / guitars, backing vocals
- Zeus B. Held / keyboards, backing vocals, Tenor sax (2-4), trumpet(4)
- Bernd Noske / drums, percussion, f/x, lead vocals
+ Friedmann Leinert / flute (6)
- Christoph Noppeney / viola (3-6)
- Jochen von Grumbkow / cello (3-6)
- Ulla, Hanne & Brigitte / chorus (6)
- Robby (saxophone), Otto (trombone) & Harry (trumpet), horns (6)

1.Plastic People
2.Tiny Flashlights
3.My Mind
4.Rockin' Rollin' Roller
5.Trial Trip
6.This Song is Just for You
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REPCD 4944 CD 1975   14.00
Rebirth rock

Enlarge this picture! - Peter Föller / bass, vocals, triangle (6)
- Bruno Frenzel / guitar, vocals, Alto sax (2)
-Zeus B. Held / keyboards, mellotron, flute (5), trumpet & trombone (2)
- Bernd Noske / drums, percussion, vocals, Moog drum (7)
- Dirk Steffens / lead guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar (3)

1.She's got Nothing on You
2.Mister Hero
4.No Shade is Real
6.Together Alone Tonight
7.Back from Hell
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REPCD 4943 CD 1973   13.00