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Riding On The L&N - The Anthology (2CD) progressive

Enlarge this picture! The Steamhammer story began in the English south coast town of Worthing in 1967, and ended in 1972 after fourth album ‘Speech’ and the sudden death of drummer Mick Bradley. In between times they wowed ballroom and festival audiences with a bluesy, sometimes jazz-flavoured brand of rock, that went down particularly well in Europe.

This anthology features all their best tracks, including ‘Junior’s Wailing’, a hit single in Germany (a cover version was, for many years, a staple of contemporaries Status Quo’s act). It also includes two extended ‘live’ tracks, ‘Riding On The L&N’ and ‘Hold That Train’, that hint at the band’s power on stage.

Booklet with authoritative and extensive liner notes written by respected ‘Record Collector’ journalist Michael Heatley.

Expertly remastered – superb sound - top quality reproduction. The best in the business!

1.I Wouldn’t Have Thought (Gopher’s Song)
3.You’ll Never Know
4.She Is The Fire
5.Passing Through
6.Even The Clock
7.When All Your Friends Are Gone
8.Walking Down The Road
9.Johnny Carl Morton
10.Turn Around
11.Riding On The L&N
12.On Your Road
13.Autumn Song
1.Water (Part One)
2.Junior’s Wailing
3.Supposed To Be Free
4.Hold That Train
5.Contemporary Chick Con Song
6.Lost You Too
9.Another Travelling Tune
10.Sunset Chase
11.Telegram (Nature’s Mischief)
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REPCD 5254 CD 2012   17.00
Junior's Wailing progressive

Enlarge this picture! Hard hitting and musically adventurous British blues band, especially popular in Germany, where they had great success with ‘Junior’s Wailing ‘ that was also recorded by Status Quo. Martin Pugh plays lead guitar, joined by Martin Quittenton on rhythm, who later left the band to work with Rod Stewart.

These 1969-70 cuts include an exciting lengthy ‘live’ performance of ‘Riding On The L&N’.

- Kieran White / vocals, harmonica, guitar, Jew's-Harp
- Martin Pugh / lead guitar, vocals
- Martin Quittenton / guitar
- Steve Davey / bass, organ, vocals
- Michael Rushton / drums
- Steve Jolliffe / flute, harpsichord, keyboards, saxophone (Alto), vocals, wind
- Mickey Bradley / percussion, conga, drums
- Louis Cennamo / bass, vocals
- Keith Nelson / banjo

1.Water Part One
2.Junior’s Wailing
3.Riding On The L&N
4.Hold That Train
5.Passing Through
6.Autumn Song
7.When All Your Friends Are Gone
8.Lost You Too
9.Supposed To Be Free
10.Johnny Carl Morton
11.Even The Clock
12.Contemporary Chick Con Song
13.Junior’s Wailing (single version)
15.I Wouldn’t Have Thought
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REPCD 4797 CD 1999   14.00
Speech progressive

Enlarge this picture! Hammering out the blues with locomotive power, Steamhammer was one of the best British groups of the late Sixties. A hugely popular touring outfit they featured lead guitarist Martin Pugh, who is showcased on ‘Speech’ which proved to be the band’s final album after its original release in 1972.

The band was moving towards a more progressive rock style by the time they recorded ‘Speech’ and had undergone a few changes of personnel. Among the final recruits was bass guitarist Louis Cennamo who gives his personal memories of the final period in the band’s career in an interview for the CD liner notes.

This three-track album includes the extended work ‘Penumbra’ and is sparked by the drumming of Mick Bradley who passed away shortly afterwards and whose early death contributed to the break up of a fondly remembered group.

- Martin Pugh / guitar, vocals
- Louis Cennamo / bass, vocals
- Mickey Bradley / drums

- Garth Watt-Roy / clarinet, vocals

2.Telegram (Nature’s Mischief)
3.For Against
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REPCD 5132 CD 1972   14.00
Mountains (LP) progressive

Enlarge this picture!

A side
1.I Wouldn't Have Thought (Gophers Song)
2.Riding on the L&N
3.Hold That Train
B side
2.Henry Lane
3.Leader of The Ring
4.Walking Down the Road
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REPLP 2245 LP 1970 / 2015   24.00
Mountains (CD) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Traditional blues blended with contemporary sounds were the main factors of Steamhammer, one of the most popular touring bands of the late Sixties. The dazzling guitar work from Martin Pugh and the earthy vocals of Kieran White ensured that the group was always in demand, particularly in Germany.

They released a stream of fine albums too, and ‘Mountains’ was their third. Issued by B&C Records in 1971, it is now once again available on CD and showcases the four piece group roaring through such performances as the ten minute epic ‘Riding On The L&N’ and ‘Hold That Train’, recorded ‘live’ at the Lyceum, London.

A solid, exciting act at the peak of their powers.

- Martin Pugh / guitars, vocals
- Kieran White / guitars, harmonica, vocals
- Mickey Bradley / drums
- Steve Davy / organ, bass, vocals

guest musicians:
- Keith Nelson / banjo (on Henry Lane)

1.I Wouldn’t Have Thought (Gopher’s Song)
2.Riding On The L & N
3.Hold That Train
5.Henry Lane
6.Leader Of The Ring
7.Walking Down The Road
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REPCD 5093 CD 1970   14.00
MK II. progressive

Enlarge this picture! Steamhammer was one of the best ‘Blues Boom’ bands of the ‘60s, and here are 14 cuts of blues-based rock at its raunchy best by a British group that proved popular - especially in Germany - during the late Sixties.

Formed in 1969, the original line up included Martin Pugh (lead guitar), Kieran White (vocals), Martin Quittenton (rhythm guitar), Steve Davey (bass) and Michael Rushton (drums). They quickly proved their strength when they backed visiting blues legend Freddie King during a UK tour.

Offered a contract with CBS on the strength of their ‘live’ performance, they became a hugely popular ‘live’ band and went on to cut a series of steaming albums, including ‘Mk II’. This album was released in 1969 and features newcomers Steve Jollife on flute and saxophone, and drummer Mick Bradley.

We have added their German hit single, ‘Junior’s Wailing’, among the four bonus tracks.

- Steve Jolliffe / flute, harpsichord, keyboards, saxophone (Alto), vocals, wind
- Kieran White / guitar, harmonica, Jew's-Harp, vocals
- Mickey Bradley / percussion, conga, drums
- Steve Davy / bass, guitar (bass), vocals
- Martin Pugh / guitar, guitar (electric), vocals

1.Supposed To Be Free
2.Johnny Carl Morton
3.Sunset Chase
4.Contemporary Chick Con Song
5.Turn Around
6.6/8 For Amiran
7.Passing Through
8.Down Along The Grove
9.Another Travelling Tune
10.Fran And Dee Take A Ride
bonus tracks
1.Junior’s wailing (single version)
3.Autumn Song
4.Blues For Passing People
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REPCD 5081 CD 1969   14.00
Reflection (Steamhammer) (LP) progressive

Enlarge this picture!

A side
1.Water (Part One)
2.Junior's Wailing
3.Lost You Too
4.She Is The Fire
5.You'll Never Know
6.Even The Clock
B side
1.Down The Highway
2.On Your Road
3.Twenty-Four Hours
4.When All Your Friends Are Gone
5.Water (Part Two)
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REPLP 2214 LP 1969   24.00