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W Filharmonii akt 2. (remastered) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Second part of SBB’s concert in Bydgoszcz’s Pomorska Concert Hall form November of 1998. SBB in lineup Apostolis, Muzykant, Skrzek with their eyes shut could build true and authentic music, improvised and composed at one time during the concert. This evening is called, by those who had an opportunity to see it live as psychodelic. Trance of moods, climates, dynamics and harmonics makes you forget about the reality. On digipack version there are previously unreleased tracks from Warsaw’s Congress Hall recorded in 1999. Tracklist 1. Freedom With Us 2. 3rd Reanimation 3. Going Away 4. Żywiec Mountain Melody 5. Finał 6. Singer, Oh Singer 7. Całkiem spokojne zmęczenie Bonus tracks: 8. Toczy się koło historii 9. Figo-Fago Lineup Jozef Skrzek Jerzy Piotrowski Apostolis Antymos

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MMPCDDG 0334 CD 2005   11.00
W Filharmonii akt 1. (remastered) progressive

Enlarge this picture! The recording of SBB’s show in Bydgoszcz’s Music Hall in November 1998. Metaphysical compilation of guitar music and classical instruments which brings listener into euphoric state of mind, surprising ideas that let the listener escape from the reality. Jozef Skrzek calls this music “Symphonic rock” at it’s best. On this album some previously unreleased tracks from Warsaw’s SBB show in Congress Hall in February of 1999 can be found. Tracklist 1. Introdukcja 2. Odlot 3. Erotyk 4. Walkin’ Around The Stormy Bay 5. Rainbow Man 6. Z ktorych krwi krew moja Bonus tracks: 7. Erotyk 8. Szczesliwi z miasta N. 10. Narodziny Lineup Jozef Skrzek Apostolis Anthimos Jerzy Piotrowski

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MMPCDDG 0333 CD 2005   11.00