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Live In Spodek 2006 progressive

Enlarge this picture! Unusual live album, recorded at the unusual concert, when SBB supported hard rock legend Deep Purple (Spodek, Katowice, February 24th, 2006). The band played in 4-piece line-up. Paul Wertico, who could not play due to previous engagement, was replaced by Irek Głyk, and the trio line-up was completed with Sławek Piwowar on second guitar (last time he played with SBB was 25 years ago!). Perfect choice of tracks, the band kept the good balance between compositions from their last studio album "New Century" and SBB classic tracks, like "Walkin' Around The Stormy Bay", with Apostolis on the second drums, or "Memento z banalnym tryptykiem", that night dedicated to the victims of constructional catastrophe which had taken place a month before the show in one of The International Fair buildings in Katowice. Track list 1. Memento z banalnym tryptykiem 2. New Century (incl. Tajemniczy świat Mariana) 3. Odlot 4. Rainbow Man 5. Całkiem spokojne zmęczenie 6. Drums-Battle 7. Walkin' Around The Stormy Bay Line-up Józef Skrzek - vocals, keyboards, bass guitar Apostolis Anthimos - guitar, drums Sławomir Piwowar - guitar Ireneusz Głyk - drums

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MMPCD 0422 CD 2006   11.00
W Filharmonii akt 2. (remastered) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Second part of SBB’s concert in Bydgoszcz’s Pomorska Concert Hall form November of 1998. SBB in lineup Apostolis, Muzykant, Skrzek with their eyes shut could build true and authentic music, improvised and composed at one time during the concert. This evening is called, by those who had an opportunity to see it live as psychodelic. Trance of moods, climates, dynamics and harmonics makes you forget about the reality. On digipack version there are previously unreleased tracks from Warsaw’s Congress Hall recorded in 1999. Tracklist 1. Freedom With Us 2. 3rd Reanimation 3. Going Away 4. Żywiec Mountain Melody 5. Finał 6. Singer, Oh Singer 7. Całkiem spokojne zmęczenie Bonus tracks: 8. Toczy się koło historii 9. Figo-Fago Lineup Jozef Skrzek Jerzy Piotrowski Apostolis Antymos

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MMPCDDG 0334 CD 2005   11.00
W Filharmonii akt 1. (remastered) progressive

Enlarge this picture! The recording of SBB’s show in Bydgoszcz’s Music Hall in November 1998. Metaphysical compilation of guitar music and classical instruments which brings listener into euphoric state of mind, surprising ideas that let the listener escape from the reality. Jozef Skrzek calls this music “Symphonic rock” at it’s best. On this album some previously unreleased tracks from Warsaw’s SBB show in Congress Hall in February of 1999 can be found. Tracklist 1. Introdukcja 2. Odlot 3. Erotyk 4. Walkin’ Around The Stormy Bay 5. Rainbow Man 6. Z ktorych krwi krew moja Bonus tracks: 7. Erotyk 8. Szczesliwi z miasta N. 10. Narodziny Lineup Jozef Skrzek Apostolis Anthimos Jerzy Piotrowski

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MMPCDDG 0333 CD 2005   11.00
Live in America ‘94 (remastered) progressive

Enlarge this picture! This album is a recording of some shows which SBB played during tournee on East Coast of United States in summer of 1994. As Jozef Skrzek says, all of band’s musicians were under influence of atmosphere of East Coast music clubs and receipt of their music by the artists from around the world, who were present an SBB shows was excellent. Thanks to this trip, the band established contact with legendary Pat Mettheny’s drummer - Paul Wertico, what eventually ended with great cooperation. Re-edition of this record is enriched with some previously unreleased live tracks. Tracklist 1. Follow my dream 2. Hung-under 3. Wish 4. Singer, Oh Singer 5. Drzewko oliwne 6. Freedom with Us 7. Basie Bonus tracks: 8. Oak Theatre 9. Swinging Blues SBB 10. Erotyk 11. Figo-Fago Lineup Jozef Skrzek – vocal, mouth organ, keyboards Apostolis Anthimos - guitar Jerzy Piotrowski - drums

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MMPCDDG 0031 CD 2005   11.00
Live 1993 (remastered) progressive

Enlarge this picture! "Live 1993” was created as a document of SBB’s return to the music scene and one of the last concerts with Jerzy Piotrowski, the band’s first drummer. SBB rebirths by the ocasion of charity show for silesian children.The band decided to try to play once again, and did so in Katowice’s Spodek Hall in widened lineup. Bass player Andrzej Rusek and vocalist Janusz Hryniewicz joined the band. The show starts with juicy blues "I Need You, Babe”, then there’s a time for classics from the past like "Odlot”, "Z ktorych krwi krew moja” or the "Going Away” suite. The beandgained new, fantastic sound, which is closer to jazz-rock. Tracklist 1. I Need You, Babe 2. Odlot 3. Z ktorych krwi krew moja 4. Walkin’ Around The Stormy Bay 5-7. Going Away: 5. Freedom With Us 6. 3rd Reanimation 7. Going Away 8. Singer, Oh Singer 9. Follow My Dream 10. Hung-Under 11. Figo-Fago 12. Erotyk Lineup Józef Skrzek Apostolis Anthimos Jerzy Piotrowski Andrzej Rusek Janusz Hryniewicz

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MMPCD 0330 CD 2005   11.00
22.10.1977. Göttigen -"Alte Ziegelei" (remastered) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Synenergetic Trio - Andrzej Hojn, Jerzy Kucharek, Józef Skrzek presents live show from "Alte Ziegelei” in Göttingen., from times when SBB was stationed in this campus city. This concert is a combination of slavic romantic and great rhythmical and guitar drive. This record’s great sound is effect of combined - great work of SBB’s sound technicians and unbelievable atmosphere of this time. This release is a great thing for band’s fans, especially for those who couldn’t see his extraordinary show with their own eyes. As a bonus track in DG version, there’s a previously unreleased track "I Want Somebody” from the same Goettingen show. Tracklist 1. Ze słowem biegnę do Ciebie - introdukcja 2. Toczy się koło historii 3. Wolność z nami - temat 4. Światłowód 5. W kołysce dłoni Twych (Pretty Face) 6. Follow My Dream (instr.) 7. Follow Our Music - bass solo 8. Odejście - finał 9. Drums solo 10. Freedom With Us 11. Wołanie o brzęk szkła - finał 12. Coda Bonus track: 13. I Want Somebody Lineup Jozef Skrzek Andrzej Hojn Jerzy Kucharek

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MMPCDDG 0339 CD 2005   11.00
Jerzyk (remastered) progressive

Enlarge this picture! This album is dedicated In memory of one of the great friends of the band, member of technicians crew – Jerzyk. Joyfull, short forms sometimes Quito jazzy and funky, enriched with unusual sound of moog – the instrument brought by musicians from USA, which let them improve their composition fantasies.. This album shows Trio: Skrzek, Anthymos, Piotrowski i extraordinary "jerzyk - like” forms, played short in different rhythms and themes. As Jozef Skrzek says, it was a play time, which let them improve later into great symphonic forms. Album contains eight bonus tracks (for example "Jak bylo tak bylo ale bylo” by Adam Makowicz).It’s the only one chance that SBB chose to record a track of extraneous composer. Tracklist 1. Jerzyk 2. Kijek 3. Oddech 4. Taniec Bulibara 5. Garbusek 6. Palamakia 7. Wolanie o podklad 8. Janek 9. Wladkowa kolysanka Bonus tracks: 10. Debiut Kety 11. 11 traktów 12. Renia 13. Mutraczka 14. Jak bylo tak bylo ale bylo 15. Cierpiarz 16. Ouzo 17. Uscisk w dolku Lineup Jozef Skrzek Apostolis Anthimos Jerzy Piotrowski

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MMPCD 0325 CD 2005   11.00
Follow My Dream (remastered) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Re-edition of great SBB’s album which was recorded nearly 20 years ago. This record with which SBB came into being paralell to such legend sof symphonic rock as Pink Floyd, Genesis or Yes. Musicians broke the iron curtain with this record, and that helped to show Europe and the whole World, how good the polish music scene is. This album contains some previously unreleased tracks form those days and still proves the SBB class, so much liked and admired by the music lovers around the world. Tracklist Going Away: 1. Freedom With Us 2. 3rd Reanimation 3. Going Away 4. (Zywiec) Mountain Melody Follow My Dream: 5. Wake Up 6. In The Cradle of Your Hands 7. Growin’ 8. Follow My Dream Lineup Jozef Skrzek – vocal, mouth organ, keyboards Apostolis Anthimos - guitar Jerzy Piotrowski - drums

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MMPCDDG 0326 CD 2005   11.00
Live In Theatre 2005 progressive

Enlarge this picture! 1. Stary człowiek w milczącym ogrodzie 2. Odlot 3. Wolność z nami 4. W kołysce dłoni twych 5. New Century 6. Wojownicy Itaki 7. Całkiem spokojne zmęczenie 8. Paul Wertico's drum solo 9. Memento z banalnym tryptykiem 10. Golden Harp 11. Z których krwi krew moja 12. Music Is My Life 13. Walking Around Stormy Bay 14. Pieśń stojącego w bramie 15. Rainbow Man + extra: - Music Is My Life [video clip] - Biografia - Dyskografia - Galeria foto

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MMPDVD 0055 DVD 2005   22.00
(New Century)

Enlarge this picture! Traklist: 1. Golden Harp 5:50 2. Music Is My Life 4:53 3. New Century 6:06 4. Stary człowiek w milczącym ogrodzie 4:51 5. Duch pokoleń 5:35 6. Wojownicy Itaki 5:28 7. When Was The Last Time? 4:01 8. Carry Me Away 15:51 9. Pajo 3:22 10. Rock For Mack 1:47 11. Positive Polarity (bonus) 2:31 12. Viator Blues (bonus) 5:22

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MMPCDDG 0363 CD 2005   11.00
Follow My Dream progressive

Enlarge this picture! The material kicks off with the lengthy Follow My Dream suite recorded in Belgium in 1978. This is followed by various live clips including footage as far back as 1974 as well as a complete show from 1994. There are other bonus videos and interviews featured as well. When this band was firing on all cylinders they were an intense prog outfit. Concert in Zabrze in 1994 1. Odlot 2. Hung-Under 3. Walkin' Around The Stormy Bay 4. Freedom With Us 5. 3rd Reanimation 6. Going Away 7. Zywiec Mountain Melody 8. Drzewko oliwne 9. Follow My Dream 10. Welcome Warm Nights And Days Bonus videos 1. Zosta³o we mnie 2. Moja ziemio wyœniona 3. Golem (a fragment directed by P.Szulkin) 4. The band SBB (directed by P.Szulkin) 5. An animated movie (directed by P.Szulkin) Extras - Animated menu - Biograpphy - Discography - 3 interviews (with Józef Skrzek, Apostolis Antymos, Jerzy Piotrowski) - Wallpaper - Photo Gallery - Links

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MMPDVD 0040 DVD 2004   16.00
Nastroje progressive

Enlarge this picture!

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542648-2 CD 2002   11.00
Absolutely Live 98 (remastered) progressive

Enlarge this picture! Tracklist:
1. Introdukcja
2. Odlot
3. Erotyk
4. Walkin' Around The Stormy Bay
5. Memento z banalnym tryptykiem
6. Freedom With Us
7. 3rd Reanimation
8. Going Away
9. Żywiec Mountain Melody
10. Singer, Oh Singer
11. Z których krwi krew moja

Józef Skrzek
Apostolis Antymos
Mirosław Muzykant

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MMPCDDG 0332 CD 1998   11.00
Gold progressive

Enlarge this picture!

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99923375128 CD   9.00