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Lake, Greg
Great Britain
Greg Lake / Manoeuvres (2CD) progressive rock

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CD1 - Greg Lake
1.Nuclear Attack
2.Love You too Much
3.It Hurts
4.Black and Blue
5.Retribution Drive
6.Long Goodbye
7.The Lie
9.Let Me Love You Once Before You Go
10.For Those Who Dare
bonus tracks
1.You Really Got a Hold on Me
2.You're Good With Your Love
3.Cold Side of a Woman
CD2 - Manoeuvres
2.Too Young to Love
4.A Woman Like You
5.Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight
6.Famous Last Words
9.I Don't Know Why I Still Love You
10.It's You, You Gotta Believe
bonus track
1.Hold Me
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MRCD 003 CD 2015   19.00
Songs Of A Lifetime progressive


Esoteric Antenna are pleased to announce the release of the new GREG LAKE album, "SONGS OF A LIFETIME”.

As a founder member of KING CRIMSON and EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, Greg has been a major creative force in music for over 40 years. In 2012 he embarked on a solo tour to perform "Songs of a Lifetime”, a unique concert experience that was conceived whilst Greg was writing his autobiography. "From time to time during the writing these songs would crop up that were in some way crucial or extremely important in the development of my career” he explains. "These were not always songs that I had written myself, but sometimes songs that had been written and performed by other artists as well. I realised that they actually represented the journey that I had shared together with the audience over all these years.”

Behind these songs there was often a story to be told and it occurred to me that the same must be true for the audience as well. It was then that I thought of the idea of doing a series of very small intimate concerts where I could perform these songs and exchange stories with the audience, in a way reliving the time when the music we shared together really became part of our identity and in a way became the backdrop to our lives, a sort of tapestry I suppose.

These recordings were taken from a selection of the shows performed on the tour”. The album is a unique record of a unique live experience from one of the legendary figures in Rock music.

Greg Lake / vocals, bass, guitars

1.21st Century Schizoid Man (1:00)
2.Lend Your Love To Me Tonight (3:39)
3.Songs Of A Lifetime Tour Introduction (1:03)
4.From The Beginning (5:03)
5.Tribute To The King (7:03)
6.Heartbreak Hotel (2:25)
7.Epitaph / The Court Of The Crimson King (5:05)
8.King Crimson Cover Story (4:46)
9.I Talk To The Wind (4:29)
10.Ringo And The Beatles (4:15)
11.You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (2:51)
12.Touch And Go (3:06)
13.Trilogy (2:56)
14.Still.You Turn Me On (3:34)
15.Reflections Of Paris (1:21)
16. C'est La Vie (3:58)
17.My Very First Guitar (4:05)
18.Lucky Man (4:45)
19.People Get Ready (3:25)
20.Karn Evil 9 First Impression (Part Two) (5:41)
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EANTCD 1010 CD 2013   17.00