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Liber Secundus progressive sympho-rock

Enlarge this picture! Ronaldo Schenato / bass
Leonardo Reis / drums, vocals
Otaviano Kury / keyboards, vocals
Jones Júnior / guitar, vocals

1.Tear (9:10)
2.Gates of Gaza (13:13)
3.End of Forest (8:00)
4.Crystal handcuffs (1:46)
5.Guernica in New York (9:05)
6.Instants (7:52)
7.Novella (13:46)
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RSLN 063 CD 2001   9.00
Index progressive sympho-rock

Enlarge this picture! This group was formed by a former guitar-player of Quaterna Requiem, Junior Jones. Index sounds very much like that group or Apocalypse. The band plays progressive rock in the classic style, in which electric and acoustic guitars always come to support the keyboards (Hammond organ and Moog). Uplifting and melodic Progressive rock, worth hearing.

Jones Junior / 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, elecric guitars
Eliane Pisetta / hammond organ, piano, mini-Moog, synthesizers
Fabricio Santalucia / bass
Otaviano Kury / drums, percussion

1.Quaterna Requiem (7:57)
2.Caverna (8:37)
3.Serenata (8:01)
4.Ciclos Das Mares (6:51)
5.O Setimo Selo (9:49)
6.Index (7:20)
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199006784 CD 1999   9.00