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Musica Profana
Antico & Moderno early music

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1.Passamezzo Moderno
2.La Cancion Del Emperador
3.Differencias Sobre El Canto
4.Doulce Memoire
5.Centil Cavallero
6.Diferencias Sobre El Canto Del Cauallero
7.O Felici Occhi Miei
8.La Gamba
9.Passamezzo Antico
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HCD 419 CD 2009   15.00
Kájoni Kódex early music

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1.Táncok C-ben
2.Táncok két hegedűre
3.Alessandro Grandi - Fantasia
4.Sytaniae lacrymosae
5.Petre, amas me?
6.Misericordias Domini
7.Orazio Tarditi - La Romana
8.Heinrich Schütz - O Jesu, nomen dulce
9.Táncok csembalóra
10.Táncok F-ben
11.Táncok tekerőlantra
12.Balassi Bálint: Bocsásd meg Úristen
13.Táncok d-ben
14.Igaz Messiás...
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HCD 291 CD 2004   15.00
In Paradise early music

Enlarge this picture! The record presents an assortment of the major styles and genres of 16th and 17th century English secular music. By juxtaposing different musical characters that range from gleeful dance music through the philosophical song to the broadside ballad and the lullaby, we seek to present a musical world that is less known to the audience of our day, yet is all the more vigorous and enjoyable. According to the practice of the period we have adapted these pieces to the vocal and instrumental make-up of our own ensemble. The title song of this recording displays a painterly world with the means of poetry - well characterising the intertwinement of the sublime and the profane in the music of the age.

Judit Andrejszki - vocal, harpsichord
Miklós Bodóczky - vocal, tenor and bass viols, recorder
Réka Kürthy - violin, tenor viol
Zsolt Szabó - descant and bass viols, recorder
Piroska Vitárius - violin

1.Thomas Simpson - Suite   
2.John Dowland - Lachrimae Antiquae (Flow My Tears)
3.John Dowland - Pavan a 4
4.Anon - Venus Birds
5.Anthony Holborne - The Cradle Pavane
6.Anthony Holborne - Lullabie Galliard
7.Tobias Hume - The Soldier's Song
8.John Adson - Royal Wind Music
9.Thomas D'Urfey / William McGibbon - The Farmer's Daughter
10.Giovanni Coprario - Suite
11.Anon / Giles Farnaby - Gray's Inn / Alman
12.Orlando Gibbons - What is Our Life?
13.John Jenkins - Suite
14.Anon - In Paradise
15.John Jenkins - The Bell Pavan
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BGCD 049 CD 1999   14.00